June favorites

Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I don’t know how or when but here we are ,already in July and summer is already midway over. Today I am here to share with you my latest favorites and although they are not so many ,I have some really really good ones.   TV SERIES […]

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Favorite sources of inspiration

Hi guys, how are you doing today ? Today’s post is inspired by a recent self talk I had with myself (doh). The recent huge amount of attention given to the Netflix documentary “The social dilemma “made me do a little reflection about social media in general and how I use them . https://www.netflix.com/watch/81254224?trackId=14170287&tctx=2%2C7%2C1e35dcc5-3269-4804-81e2-3cc6aa892fce-58161521%2C5d6d7a7a-a9e8-48b9-8725-3494a5f494b7_57940897X3XX1604315805542%2C%2C I […]

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