Hi guys! How are you doing today? Christmas it almost here and I don’t know about you but sometimes we have to wear something a little more chic and to me, especially in winter it the most changeling task ever! Joking, not so much, but what I want so say is that especially when it’s […]

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Grinch as fuck

Hi guys, how are you doing today? Today i was feeling a little down and uninspired, I just wanted to have a real talk with you. Every year, at this time the cringes of having to feel Christmasy and happy and grateful and joy and all of that stuff start to get me down. Nothing […]

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Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great and you are having a great and chill out Sunday, the best one to recharge our batteries for the week ahead. Today I just want to share with you a little thought about gratitude. I often struggle to feel and to be […]

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Send nudes

Hi guys! How are you doing today? Are you happy it’s already Thursday? Cause I’m! Today here it’s a beautiful sunny day and it always makes me in a better mood. Anyway, today I wanna share with you the new perfect nude I’ve found. It’s literally been around for maybe 5 to 6 years and […]

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