Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I hope you are all doin good and today I want to share with you another little episode of this little series sharing some love over the autumnal shades.

In this episode we play with rustic red ,the most amazing shade to create a soft yet outstanding smokey eye. I love pair a good dark rustic browny red lips in the evening to really make the eyes stand out.

The eyeshadow I use is from my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and I love how you can really create a natural and soft crease shadow to a full on smokey eye night Time look ,buy creating and layering layers over layers.

This kind of colors is our best friends for look like this because they are not too much of a red bold nuance or a orange either ,but it just sit in the middle creating the best from both.

A good fluffy blending brush is our best friend in this case and we just need to blend in circle motion , adding little by little . To avoid patches and unblended points we need to proceed carefully and thin layer after thin layer .

When we create looks like these we must, in my case , tidy up the look with a good layer of black mascara to avoid losing any kind of definition .

As I have already said to bring up the look trough the night I love pair this kind of look with a matchy matchy red lips to make it really moody. My favorite kind of looks for this kind of weather are the one where we embrace the color palette and although it can seems too much , I think the matchy match look with the right amounts of details can work really well.

For example as I have already said a million times , the light base with a slight hint of blush strategically placed as a bronzer and blush in one , the easy and feathery mascara look to not quite over dramatically exaggerate the eyes ,the messy and not defined blended creases all together makes this look way more easy going and light than what it seems.

I also find that unless we go as much dark as the eye lid on the lips we are far more secure in the comfiness of the end results without having a disturbing amount of colors on the face all clashing together and not blending rightly .

We can easily create this kind of look in the morning with a classic lip balm or a nice warm nude and spice it up for the evening with a brick redish toned kind of lipstick . This kind of looks are the best for this kind of day where we go out and stay out all day .

I hope as always you find this kind of post interesting enough and I will see you soon folks !

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