Hi guys , how are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today I want to take a few minutes to talk slowly and specifically to you about my personal experience with the trend of the year ,analog photography .
I must say first and foremost that I am photography obsessed ,that’s the all reason I stated this blog in the first place .
This goes to show you that my personal approach to it can easily be totally different from someone else as everything in life.

Photography is my end goal in life , so bare in mind I tent to spend a lot of money on it and that’s also the reason why I I tried a lots of cameras and films.

Analog is obisusly an expensive and useless trend that has become so hip and cool in the last few years ,the old good fashion of the past and the cycle that let us romanticized about everything that has been . As the sheep that I admittedly am , I jump n that wagon way later than everybody else but at treat I gave it a try ,especially during the first quarantine .

I first used one of my father canon , an enormous and so have weighted piace of art that unfortunately didn’t work.

I then made some research and find out this amazing and cool shop near my hometown , in Modena called Foto Dotti . https://www.fotodotti.it

Not only they have. great and on going selection of cameras ,from all over the country ,but they are also so nice and cool ,super friendly and I am willing to underline that concept a lot because I don’t know about you but I often ,especially at the beginning find enter a photo shop quite intimidating . The kind of feeling you get when you enter a tattoo shop for example .you know what I mean . Like you are afraid of saying something wrong or stupid and it shouldn’t be like that because we are all the same and most important we are in the process of learning and living new experiences and no-one should make you feel less because you don’t know the. exact specific term for something .

I appreciate and love so much those persons and thosE sHopperS and owners who press and want to work towards inclusivity and that’ s how I felt talking and writing with them when I first shop there .

I bought at the time two film cameras who unfortunately didn’t last very long and bare in mind ,this is a common experience when you buy vintage or used so when I tell this is kind of an expensive hobby , it is and something you can easily fix a problem but most os th times we are taking about cameras who has years and years behind and the cost per wear of reparation isn’t worth it .

The decision I made was to document my quarantine on film ,to really give such a strange and new and scary time a different memory and a different after life and I enjoy that process although really painfully full of trials and errors so much that have decided to continuing it .

The second step was to stay away from those beautiful vintage and artistic cameras and to search for a good stable and easy to use point and shoot one who allows me to bring it everywhere I go and takes photos easily and constantly otherwise I was too afraid of carrying those beautiful ones around and they were so freaking heavy that it was kind of uncomfortable to carry them around .

So ebay was my safe space for that. From not knowing how to choose and what to choose to having way too much options ,ebay was a trials errors for me from buying cabers that dint work to cameras that were way too much hyped for their costs . So what I did was , as every person does nowadays , going to one fo my favorites blogger and photographer and see what she likes and whatshername would recommend for a point shoot camera .

This is something I encourage you to do because I saw her style and I follow her for a while now and she was the one that made me really inspired to create and try analog ,showing her audience that it is a slow process and an expensive one full of mistakes and errors but really fascinating and funny .

It is like a constant search and research for the perfect camera for you and your style combined with the perfect film that you like based on what that is you want to achieve .

She made me feel in lobe with the concept of searching and the beauty fo film I think it’s in the process ,the stimulating and constant input that trying new things made you feel .


Seeing how a film react to a certain camera and reverse .

Seeing how your hands hold the camera.

Seeing how those colors impact your vision and drive your emotions .

Seeing how your instinct is driven by those cameras frames.

the cameras I used an tried:






The films I love the most :



If you like me , are a huge fan of photography I think it is a good and enjoyable hobby to have an definitely a world full of knowledge and new inputs and stimulus .

I hope you find this little glimpse into the analog experience and I definitely think it is a good and bumpy journey,but that’s the best of it .

I hope you like it and I will see you soon folks and as always let me know how was your personale experience and if you like it or not .

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