Hi guys , how are you doing today ? I hope you are really good and today I want to share with you another simple yet fun and maybe a little bit different makeup look .

Since I always love to keep the bare minimum on my face I love to be able to play with some colorful elements from time to time, but I like to be season appropriate !

The colors can be loud but with a very different nuance that can change everything and that’s the beauty of it all. A yellow can become a mustard and a mint green can became a forest green ,a true orange red can easily became a rustic and warmth burgundy . Colors can always be our best friends , even when in it s cold and less sunny outside.

I know I am not saying something new here , actually I am saying something that you probably heard a lots of time but I wanted to give a little inside look at my favorites looks to create during this period and how we can still play with colors.

The first makeup look in this serie has to be my favorite tone inspired look : mustard . Nothing speaks to me more than a warm undertone yellow on the eyes to really keep up the tan and really stand it up without using a bright bright yellow . Mustard yellow can be a little scary color but in my eyes is the most neutral but not boring color ,so versatile and easy to pair and I love to do a nice and. messy wash of this color all over the lid with a good base of mascara .

The base is nothing particular since I have just made two blogpost about my autumnal base I am gonna keep it focus on the eyes and keep these articles short and simple.

In terms of lips I love to pair these eyes with a nice cold undertone nude lips and for the evening a dark dark plum or red to really balance them out.

I hope you guys enjoy this little first glimpse into some more autumnal makeup looks and I will see you soon folks !

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