Hi guys , how are you doing ? I hope you are all doing well and today I want to share with another episodes of this little serie where we pick an autumnal color and create a very simple and error proof look.

This episode see as protagonist the queen of the autumn shades , which is ,in my opinion forest green .

A beautiful shade as much as difficult to make simple and easy to everyday wear. So my adventure today is to make it and wear as I would wear it knowing in am no makeup expert at all.

Something I would avoid in this case is an all over the lid kinda look so I play on my lower lashes area creating a sharper and defined line .

The key is to make it as close as we can to the lash line ,and once we have laid the first space layer of the color ,we proceed with a little and more defined blending brush to blend and soften up the edges with a neutral color .

This step is necessary to first of all set the color payoff and ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere , and second of all to make sure that it is all blend in nice and smoothly .

When we are trying to achieve a look like this ,we want to avoid any kind of harsh lines ,keep the base the bare minimum , a clean lid and a good fluffy and bushy brows . The mascara will do the rest .

I love from time to time to play with colors and this kind of techniques allows me to be creative and wear in my everyday life colors and pop here and there .

Let me know what you think about it and I will see you soon folks!

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