Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and today I want to share with you my recents most random favorites.

I try and tend to do these kind of articles every month but I am not really finding a lots of favorites since I am working so hard right now but nonetheless , I have something that I want to share with you , always .

My first favorites since I have not been playing with makeup a lots recently , is my favorite discovery of the season , the Bleach London super cool color . They have a huge range of shades and I am loving to change sometimes a little bit the more pinky tones one , as everyone during the pandemic . The most fun part is that after a few washes it all goes out and fade away ,which is also sad cause in my case after one wash it was all gone . But that also means that I can change colors frequently and experiments more .

In my case they didn’t damage or break my hair ,neither made them more fragile. I love how fun and mistakes proofs they are and I can’t wait to experiment more with all of them .


Another favorite of the month is my new mushroom jumper from Zara ,something we will see a lots in the future . I love jumpers like this because they are colorful and fun and easy to throw on everything .

With a classic pair of blue jeans and a nice trainers ,a nice touch of color never killed nobody .


My obsession with funky and funny socks continues and here are some of my favorites one. I absolutely love pairing my mono black Dr martens with a fun and colorful sock , something that make them less mono if you say so and less serious.

Socks ,and i Will never be too tired to say so ,are some of favorites accessories of all time. And the colder months are the one where you can really go to town with them. It’s the all black ootd with a twist that really gets me and it so fun to me.

Next favorite has to be a new show i recently saw on Disney plus called modok,a funny and super sarcastic villain who desperately wants to be bad and evil but he has to come to term to the fact that he is not that bad and actually has feelings and live his family. I’m not doing a great job at describing it but if you like me love a good black humor cartoon ,you would really like this one.

Speaking of all time favorite,I’m talking about dinosaurs,a super old

I know this was the shortest article you will ever read about ,but better short than nothing , I will see you soon guys!

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