Transitioning from one season toe the other can be difficult but here are some of the best ideas for you .

As you guys probably already know ,being comfortable tp me is the best and most important thing . To this we need to add the fact that I love to bring some staples summer pieces and bring them into the next season ,wearing them in a different way and styling them in a different way.

The most important thing is to keep an equilibrium throughout the all outfit so for example a classic jeans and shirt ,my favorite type of look , isn’t gonna be no more shirts and short sleeves shirt ,but it will probably involve a classic pair of blu jeans and a linen shirts with some sort of outwear on top.

It’s kind of a nostalgic way of not letting summer go but making the most of it while you can by feeling the linen effect and texture on your skin .

My favorites kind ootds usually involved some sort of loafers , in this case I am in love with my newest addition ,the timberland boat shoes . A nice switch to my usually all black footwear.

A classic step in the autumn direction , and probably one of my favorites of all is including my faux leather elements and touches : my pants and my skirts . Nothing is more satisfying than a cool leather look and white crisp good quality t-shirt ,still rocking a little bit of tan and a good pair or wayfarer . That’s a perfect look in my opinion : pair this with a loafer or a stan smith and you are perfect to go.

The equilibrium between light and airy textures with thick and matte is the best one to be playing with in my opinion and I think a lots of us think this way about this particular period of time.

The contrast being created by these different elements allow us to play with different aspect of our own style ,with different site of our wardrobe and every-time we allow us to let some elements clash with one another , Wonderfull things are created .

The perfect example is obviously a light cloudy texture like linen paired with a classic faux leather shiny and harsh : two completely opposite element that should absolutely not work together are so well balanced in a nice and simple way .

Another similar example is also silk and leather , the same concept : so different vibe and so nicely well blended together . A nice simple spaghetti strap cami with a nice biker jacket and a good pair of jeans : perfection .

In terms of accessories to me it doesn’t make a huge change , other than trying to wear a lot more my caps because I buy a ton of them and never wear them is not right ,so enough rumble guys I hope you find some this ootd inspiring and I will see you soon folks !



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