hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all feeling good and today I want to share with you some recents looks I have been wearing and in some ways a new road for injecting some colors in your everyday outfits. I don’t know if this is thing or what but I have come to the conclusion that I do not thrive in the summer months.

I do not feel myself and I would love to be one of those cool girl that go out and wears these amazing silky dress and these beautiful sandals but I have just to accept the fact that I am not.

I am definitely not one of those and as soon as mid august hits and September is just around the corner ,I feel like my creativity juices are back , I feel beautiful again and I feel like I am reborn .

I don’t know if you can relate but when this time around the year hits , I feel new. I feel like I am myself again.

It’s strange but beautiful but anyway , it’s been a tough year and I certainly lost myself but one of the most important thing for me and for a lots of people is to get dressed ,tp get dressed and to choose what I want to wear.

Expressing myself trough what I want to wear has always been a key part of my personality and for the longest time I tried to mimic those minimalistic which gals ,with basically all black outfits and they make it looks so good ,and don’t get me wrong I love this and I would to to be like them but again , I have always to go back to myself and to the conclusion that I have to accept who I am .

I love colors ,I always have and so ,what I want to do is to play with it how I want and feeling comfortable with it.

This is my kind of wake up call for you to stay true to yourself and express your true colors .Literally.

The easiest way to put some colors is trough accessorizes , my favorites things ever. There is nothing I love more than put on an all black outfit and some funky and spicy jewelries. I am obsessed as you guys already know with my great frog ones but recently I found a new obsession which Chawmpers. An home made and independent brand new and young which creates the most insane and magical rings inspired by teethes and although they are not everyones cup of the , whenever I wear them I get always comments on them.



The other way I like to inject some colors is via makeup ,my most worn red lips or sparkly eyes are with those monochromatic ootds and ootns. A bold lip or a bold eye can really turn any kind of outfit into something else .

Also don’t ever forget the subtle craziness that can be added by a good old pair of socks to any outfit ,a crazy pattern or a crazy color is always a win win for me. I know that is not everyone cup of tea ,because it can be very loud but personally I love it so much .I Find it really fun and always a good start for a nice conversation . My favorite way to incorporate them is with a good old pair of classic loafers ,I personally love the doc Martines ones ,with a slightly more edge feel to them or the classic timberland boat shoe version. You do you but to me , a good nice summery dress and a white socks with a more masculine shoe is the best fit .



The best socks so far I found them on Asos ,,they have such a random selections and I often brows trough the women and the men sections and never get disappointed .

The key I guess in every aspect of my life , in particular when it comes to fashion and makeup, and so on , is to play with contrasts. A slightly boring or more masculine outfit is the best when it has a more Lacey piece of a more cleavage to frame it . A more monochromatic ootd with a pop or a red lips or a pop of a green eyeshadow ,helps it stand out more. You can choose to play with whatever you feel yourself more comfortable with and the contraposition of the two will make the stand out more .

I guess with this little blogpost the message I want to spread to you is to enjoy every aspect of your expression and make them suit you the best ,without making them wear you but you wearing them.

You decide and you make the rules.

Let me know which are you favorites accessories and you like to style them and wear them .

I will see you soon folks!

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