Hi guys! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing great and today I want to share with you some of the new in ,slash shop my stash beauty products that I will insert in my makeup bag .

Basically change my summer makeup bag to my autumn makeup bag type of article.

I am still on a no purchased travel and journey so there are not so much new in pieces but It still a lot of fun to shop from my stash .

The first and most important thing in my case is the base . Since my skin tent to be more on the drier side , it’s very important in my case to rehydrate it .

One of my favorites things to do when autumn comes is to get or repurchased a good more thick and rich daily cream than my summer one. But we are not here to talk about skincare ,so although a good skincare base is the most important step , and the thing that will make you base looks the best , let’s talk about makeup.

My all time favorite base product I. the summer time is my beloved Byterry cc cream because as I have already said a million time is so light with a perfectly summer and heat approved blurring effect .

It is so light in texture which is so important to me because I hate feeling and touching something on my face on my skin and I need especially this in the more hot months .

When it is a little bit more cold ,it cosmetics cc cream ,which again I have talked about it so much and loved it so much ,is my favorite so far especially in the winter time since it is so emollient and juicy. Less light in texture and less blurring , it is the perfect colder months base .

The other switch is my favorite Becca acqua light concealer: light and long lasting,perfect for those hot summer days . To replace it i love to use my other friend which is the hourglass vanish concealer,which is definitely a more high coverage product but with an amazing and flawless effect . Super long lasting and without giving you a cakey or wrinkly effect.

When it comes to concealer i find that whenever I aged or u don’t take the right amount of care of myself and my skin in particular, there’s nothing you can do ,it shows immediately .

It has happened many times that when I went to place my concealer i wouldn’t work the same for me and it was either for a reason or for another.

Sometimes we need to face the fact that no matter what we did or do under there the skin shows everything,and so we can try a different one and take good care of it .

When a product is good ,we don’t need to be scared by the term full coverage.

For the blush category, i always use a more hydrating and luminous effect texture and finish on the skin so in this case all that matter to me in terms of change ,is the color.

I ,as many others do ,love to switch from the more orange base products to the more pink and rose colors ,to really gives the skin a more fresh and less dehydrated look after a lots of sun. So to me the switch goes from the nard tajmahal one ,a precious orange gold gem ,to a more classic shade like the Patrick ta one or my all time favorite nude blush , inspired by the one and only hey Claire on you tube , jouer cosmetics bouquet blush .

The same thing goes for bronzers : going away from the reddish undertoned ones like my summer favorite Kevin acuin neo bronzer,to my beloved new entry Kiko Milano bronzer in the most perfect powder texture and color . I cannot get over how good quality Kiko Milano products are ,they are incredible.

In terms of setting powders nothing particularly changed since my hourglass cosmetics powders are perfectly perfect even for the colder months . So nothing new to see here .

But guys let me know how you like to change your makeup bag from summer to autumn ,let me know what you think of this format and I will see you soon folks !

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