Hi guys! How are you doing today ?

I hope everything is ok and you are all enjoying or starting to enjoy your summer holidays .

The struggle of creating something creative continues ,I guess its just the them of the year for me at this point but I am always trying to get out of a situation like this.

Sometime I forget that even the simplest things are not boring or not worth a mention but can be always appreciated also because they are the subjects I love the most . I am always so hard on myself for forcing to create always something new ,innovative ,super creative ,always different but that’s not possible.

So today I want to write about something so simple and yet always so beautiful and effective ,my summer makeup routine for a night out ,since we are allowed to go out more nowadays.

As the first most important thing I want to address the fact that I am slightly oily in my T zone as well as more dehydrated on the rest of my face ,that means that I need to place strategically my makeup .

The trickiest part is that I still want the glow , the luminosity and for the longest time we were taught that if you want to stay matte you can’t have the glow , and there’s nothing more wrong than that .

In 2021 thankfully we can all access to the most insanely well processed and designed beauty products that can give us exactly what we want , in the grand scheme of things .

The first example of that is my number one base products for the summer and the winter time , my Charlotte tilbury flawless filter which I have talked about it so much you guys would probably be already sic of hearing me talking about it.

The gel texture and the blend ability factor are just some odd the most amazing featured of this highlighter which can also be use as an all over the face glow as a base ,or just in. some places as a radar or sonar spot.

No matter where you place it or how the products stays there and doesn’t move whatsoever , and to me ,when it’s so hot and humid outside ,that is exactly what I want. Well to be fair we all want our makeup to stay in place.

The concealer of choice recently has been my becca aqua light ,mainly because of its gel like texture and lightness ,as the name suggest combined with the long lasting effect.

I love the fact that I definitely can’t feel it under my under eye area and in my case , I can easily get away with not having to powder it even.

Rarely I get with my face in the sun so I do not have so much tan to adjust my face and body to ,but since we are naturally more bronzed and have a natural hint of red and orange on our cheeks in the summer , I love to use the darkest bronzer I own with also the red undertone that we usually avoid so much and desperately . In my case I love my Kevin Acuin neo bronzer : it blends like a dream ,with a buttery experience without leaving any strikes or marks being . The red and warmth undertone that is something I would normally avoid like hell ,helps in this case specific to bring out more my natural tan and flush on my cheeks during the hottest months and it works wonderfully.

The blusher is a stage I often skip in the summer to be honest ,I love a more neutral and bronzed look and when I do wear it I like to mimic the rosiness of the cheeks when it’s so hot outside.

If I have to, and want to I use the Patrick Ta blush in the most perfect peachy nude and since it has not a lots of payoff ,you can just get away with wearing a hint of it and It works beautifully .

I avoid using highlighter and I am one of those who can easily get away with wearing no powder at all ,but one step I cannot skip is using the Hourglass canvas myst ,something I bought honestly on a wind ,thinking I would barely ever use it and I cannot stop use it : it gives you the most perfect blurred effect without ruining your makeup disposition ,and it makes it last all day and all night with an hydrated and juicy effect . What else could we possibly desire ?

That was my light summer makeup base of choice and of course , everything is up to you your skin type and your preference but the most important factor for me is to feel comfortable .

I will love and leave you here and I will see you soon folks!

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite makeup products for the summer months !



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