Working moms is an amazing ,absolutely amazing Canadian series that I discovered casually on Netflix. I loved it from the first two episodes and I think you would love it too . It’s funny and raw and doesn’t put any kind of pinky filters on the reality of what being a mom in 2020 is. There’s so much depth and thoughts in this amazing serie ,from the relationship with the teen girl and the mom ,to the working boss mom with the newborn child. Everything is so interesting to me ,so full of reflections and a representation that is need to be seen from everyone  From a point of view is kind of an important manifest of a true representation of the world and what it means to be a working mom nowadays. The protagonists are all incredible ,funny and smart women . I am loving it so much and I would definitely recommend it to you all.




Kiko lipliner is my favorite beauty product of the month since I have been kind of rocking my eyeliner life a lot more ,as I go trough different phases with it ,I like to wear a nude lip with it. This particular shade is basically my perfect nude nuance ,since it’s not too warmth not too cold ,it has the perfect yellow undertone that works so good with my skin ,but I think it would work wonderfully on a lots of skin tones. The best thing of these lipliners tho ,is the textures and the color payoff since I have a red orange one and a bright pink one too and all of them are extremely creamy and yet so long lasting .


Becca under eye concealer is another amazing beauty product ,may I say a saver for this kind of weather. here in Italy the summer are really hot but mostly humid and that’s really a deal breaker when it comes to do my makeup in a certain way ,so this concealer is a game changer for me. The texture is gel like and so easy to blend with not an insane amount of coverage but the most beautiful soft and light weight which allows me to work it really well whenever and however I want or prefer . Mostly I love it because I can easily built it up in the evening and it doesn’t smudge or cake up or break. It still look fresh and juicy even when it hot outside without disappear after ten minutes . This formula is really incredible and although I didn’t use it a lot in the winter months I am loving it so much in th summer time .—antiocchiaie-coprenza-totale-441038.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLASephoraITSmartShopping_search_&utm_term=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxdSHBhCdARIsAG6zhlUVyNbb51QaJEyJFhD_CX-bSX5bZvjn2ltxwDoVYNhSvR77vog-u40aAsfTEALw_wcB





Sandals chanel inspired are one of my most worn sandals this summer since I have worn my Birkenstock so much it’s kind of not funny anymore ,I search for the best Chanel dupe sandals and found this baby on Asos ,immediately bought them and never regret buying them at all. The fit is perfect ,the quality for the price is unbeatable ,and they are so chic and cool . It is,   as always the classic love it or hate pair of shoes but I do love them so so so much : if something is soft and comfy I am all over it ,since being comfortable for me is the most important thing for feeling sexy and confident.


I don’t have an insane amount of favorites this month since I have had a lots of work but let me know what are your favorites this July and I will see you soon folks!

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