Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I hope everything is ok and today I wan to share with you a quick and simple ,yet super effective makeup look.

I saw this look on the amazing makeup artist Alexandra ( https://www.instagram.com/alexandra_anele/?hl=it) in one of her recent videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlgsdcnqJq8BDWY7bqWUmA and immediately feel in love with how simple yet sophisticated and easy it seems.

Turns out, if someone like me, absolutely incapable in makeup skills can do it ,literally anyone can achieve this look.

I am not gonna talk about the base because let’s be honest , I do the same thing over and over again and it is always so similar (it is kind of embarrassing )but also ,the main focus here it’s the eyes part.

From time to time I love a good eyeliner look but the fact and the problem is that I am so lazy and I am so bad at eyeliner that I always choose for the most easy thing which is a wash of messy bronzer or blush on the lid as I am applying it on my face ,and I am good to go.

So finding something like this ,so easy and people- like -me- proof ,was absolutely mind blowing . It is basically a look where all the difficult parts of an eyeliner look ,are eliminated ,leaving the drama and the effect of it.

The key and technique is to layer two kind of textures : first step is a good opache solid base of full color payoff with some sort of crayon or pencil \ creamy product . She uses a soft and creamy brown eye pencil as a guide and as a base ,fill it up with the same type pf product but in a black color to create the full line shape.

As every smoked look it deserves a good powder to really sets the creamy base ,keeping it in place ,making it full opache and creating a nice smokey look. Setting any kind of creamy product with a powder on top allows the look to stay longer and to transform it from 2D to 3D .

To help you smoke out and creating shadows and dimension to your look , any type of powder is your best friend and to me ,in this specific case it’s definitely a key step. You can be messy doing it it doesn’t ruin or messed up the over all look ,since we have been precise with our pencil crayon ,the result will be good enough.

It easier said than done but this kind of eye look for me at least was so fun to recreate and I tìofind it super easy to do and it doesn’t happen that often that I left feeling so inspired by a makeup look so ,I hope you kind of enjoying it and of course as always let me know what you think about it and if recreate it .


https://www.urbandecay.it/occhi/sopracciglia/brow-blade/ud934.html : as the brown eye pencil base (you can use of course any kind of eye pencil or lip pencil you like )


I will see you soon folks!

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