Hi guys ,how are you doing today ?


I hope everything goes well and today I want to share with you another round up of new discoveries ,at least for me , of great inspiring and badass shoutout. I try to make this monthly but something I forgot and sometimes life gets in the way but here I am .


Recently I have been super into makeup looks and makeup artists and I have only now discover this amazing MUA . She is called Giulia and I mean ,her works speaks for itself but I would highly recommend you check her out if you like me, are into makeup . Her skills are incredible ,the way she combined the most highly editorial techniques ,to the most flawless and natural base is what really stood out to me.

I can’t wait to see her future works and I think you will love it too.




The next artist  I want to share with you is an amazing writer ,she’s Avalon and her way to describe ,express and transport you in another space and time is out of this world. The way she uses and adjusts words ,in a lyrical and poetical but very modern way makes every single syllabus slide easily like oil all over your senses. What really stood out to me from her ,was the fact that in a world where everything is so fast consumed ,fast processed and fast created ,where we constantly scrolling endlessly trough everything ,she gently takes you by the hands and make you stop for a second and breath . That’s what her works represents to me ,a breath of fresh air.




The next artist is someone I totally fell in love with immediately . You know when you see an artist’s work and their work ,their style the way they place colors and the way they use the canvas ,speaks to you ? To me that’s what happened the first time I saw her works. I think she deserve way tooooo much following for what she does. Go check her out cause you won’t be disappointed .




The next artist is an amazing photographer called Martha ,under the name of the texture files. If you ,like me ,love a good texture shots ,you will find her work extremely high qualified and extremely inspiring . I could just stare at her instagram page for hours ,it’s like and amazing connote creatures slash makeup photographer and designer all roll into one beautiful packaging. Overtime I see her works , i left being so inspired to do better at mine. She really can create art trough beauty products and you should definitely check her out !





Last but not least ,another amazing photographer and artist I discovered recently . She’s a content creator for your mind first and for your eyes immediately after, because to me the way she shots and creates and assembles works is a peaceful collage of relaxing and calming sensations. The way she shots photos allows you to see and feel most importantly and that’s a talent not many have in my opinion. I love her works so much and again ,I left feeling so inspired by her every time .Hihly recommend her even If I think you already know her ,but it is a gem for sure !



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