Hi guys ! Long time no seen from me but as I have already told in my latest post I am struggling a little bit with my creative juice for this kind of platform ,although I am kind of getting slowly back on track.

Today tho , I wanted to share with you an amazing , in my opinion makeup look inspired by the one and only Katie Janes Hughes but not only .

I decide to pair it with my lashes obsession which is the no brows kinda look , and I wrote a blogpost about it which I am gonna link it below so you can go and read it if you want .

Of course you can do the normal brows al always so you don’t need to do the exact same thing because the no brows look can be obviously a bit intimidating and scaring .

The key of this look is a glossy texture with a dark warm chocolate brown shade. It’s something I have seen a lots of recently on the instagram and I absolutely love it . Keep in mind I am not an expert so the technique is not quite there yet ,but I think with this kind of things you just need to go with the flow.

For the layer of color I choose the Jackie Aina palette which has the most amazing warmth dark brown in it called credit . It is better ,in my opinion with this kind of look to start with a thin layer of a neutral shade or something that could easily complement the major coloring this case a warmth nude or a warm rusty colors that whatever we will put on top ,will work really really well and will has no patches or light spot.

Working with dark colors can be a little bit scaring and difficult at the beginning but keep in mind you need to just blend and trust the process. Having a clean brush or two by your side can of course be the best trick in this case and by starting with thin layers by layer ,we will obtain the best opacity we can .

When you are satisfied with the result ,is gloss time and this would be probably the most scary part but actually I think it is not. The best would be to use a gloss made for the eye but since I don’t have one ,I used my fenty beauty milk diamond gloss bomb and it works fine to me. The one created by Katie is a full transparent with no glitter of color payoff whatsoever in it ,but in this case I think you do you is the best rule.

Again ,the key is to go thin layer by thin layer ,personal I prefer to apply it with my fingertips so that the warmth of my skin allows the gloss to be more malleable and easy to use and apply .

As always ,it is mad to even think about stabilized something like a gloss lid so ,you just need to wear it and have fun with it and that’s it.

The contrast between the full opace matte brown and the glass effect of the gloss is the thing I find the most interesting in my opinion and I hope you like it too.



Let me know as always what you think about it and I will see you soon folks!

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