Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope everything goes well and today I wanted to a little brand review or shall I say products review.

As some of you may know when it comes to hair I am the most whiny baby ,I hate having to go to the hairdresser and to think about my hair. Being so lazy about them makes me do the most simple yet ,I think effective style and care tips.

Hydrate : hydrating is the most important things in my case since my hair are dry and damaged from the bleached I have to them in the past years ,so I one a week do a full all night long coconut oil mask ,especially on the half bottom of them.

Coconut oil work amazingly with me and for me so I guess the key is to find something that works for you . I love it so much :first of all it’s so cheap and you get tone of it and second of all, since it’s raw and organic , you don’t get all those shitty and parabenes derived ingredients in it. All those kind of ingredients give you the illusion of having smooth and soft hair but in reality they just hug your hair and let them dry out on the inside ,so if you can go the most organic and natural when it comes to masks and hydration.


After I have kept the mask on for as long as I can ,usually I do it just once a week or two and I kept it on for the night but if you noticed the hair gets too gricy or too oily or it is too heavy ,I would recommend keeping it on for less or doing it less frequently .

The other major fact in my haircare routine is that I keep it simple and in my opinion efficient so the next step is olaplex,especially number 3 and number 0 , the latest addiction .



Olaplex is one of my favorites product and I can easily say with all of my heart ,since I have been using for years and years and as everything that blow up the way olaplex did a couple of years ago ,always bring a little suspicious feeling with it. So I decided to try it because I was so intrigued and I have never been able to quit it or use something else becuase it is exactly the kind of product that makes the difference.

Number 3 is my treatment of chioce and the only thing that I find myself comfortable in comparison with it is double of the price by Kerastase.

I usually apply it once a week and again ,leaving it one for as long as I can and the way I can describe it is that ,after a month of bleaching and not cutting my hair ,with the consistency of this mask ,my hair feels and look sane and full of life, luminous and not damaged at all and I can’t even begin to express how many times I got complements from my friends and not only ,saying how I could have consistency bleached my hair and still having them so nurshed and soft.

I love it so much and whenever for some reason I decided to stop using it for a while my hair feel almost immediately damaged .

The new and latest addition to my haircare routine is olaplex number 0. I was a lot more supiscoius about all of their line because it was like from having only number 3 ,they explode with a full range of products and some of them to me are just a marketing things and don’t have so much difference from one another.

After doing a little bit of research here and there I decided to try and integrate the number 0 and it doesn’t give me the same feelings and results of the number 3 but is something similar to a bust of volume and strength . I noticed that my hair were way more strong and less freezy and to me there’s nothing I could ask more for.

I don’t think you need number 0 and I would definitely recommend to anybody number 3 ,but if you find yourself having some less strength and more damaged hair ,once every two week I would absolutely recommend number 0. You don’t need anything at all let me say that but I love the fact that you can treat your hair the way they deserve even at home.

After this kind of more treatment steps , I usually change and experiment with my shampoo and conditioner a lots becuase I have yet to find my absolute favorite but the two that I would recommend the most are pureology and redken.



Anyway ,let me know what you think and what are your favorites haircare step .

Stay safe and I will see you soon folks!

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