Hi guys ,how are you doing today ? I don’t know how or when but here we are ,already in July and summer is already midway over.

Today I am here to share with you my latest favorites and although they are not so many ,I have some really really good ones.



I have been not reading so much this month unfortunately ,I try to read from here and there but nothing too revolutionary or worth the mention ,but I have watched some really good shows that I want to share with you.


First of them all ,Formula 1 drive to survive . You know when you get into a show with zero or less expectation ? That was me with this series because I used to really enjoy formula 1 gp when I was little and Schumacher was the best of the best but I quickly grow out of it. It is made and done in a brilliant ,captivating and drama full way that you are stuck with it from the first 20 minutes of watching. It is so good and interesting because it really speaks the language of a viewer who doesn’t really watch formula 1 and it has been made to really fill up those spots of boring long hours of drive around a lane . It is so brilliant to me ,because it helps you really understand the strategy the drama and the money involved in it and behind it and it is so catching from season one episode 1 . I really urge you to watch it and thank me later .




Another brilliant show but on a completely different note ,is Superstore . A comedy based on a group of a superstore employees who are a bunch of all sorts of crazy people and to me it is so so funny . I guess in some way it reminds me of the office , in the sense that there are some stereotypy characters but it is what makes some dynamics works the best of course and I am not mad about it. I am always looking for a good light comedy but well made because I am so picky when it comes to comedy series ,but this one I must say ,was a real pleasure to watch and I can’t wait for the final season to be available .




Told ya I watched a lots of stuff this month , but this one is probably my favorites even tho I just watched it like yesterday night . It is called America ,and it is. brilliant parody scifi  inspired about the first steps made in the making of America as an independent country and omg I laugh so hard sometimes . I loved it from the beginning to the end and I am talking about to all my friends because it is made so well and in such a cleaver way . Highly recommend it.





I have been wearing not a lots of makeup definitely , but when I had I was ,not sure why seems I am never been a brows girl ,strangely into brows .I find that sometimes it really helps define my face and it really does make the most difference I the overall result ,it is just that sometimes I’m way too lazy to even bother do them ,but I have found that with the combo Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz and the gel it takes me literally 5 minutes to do them and love them so I guess I have no excuses no more.

The pencil ,being so thin and precise also kind of hard in the texture helps me being not super keen on them and allows me even tho I am not really a good expert or either good at them ,to achieve a nice results and to me that is everything I have ever wanted and even more.

The gel helps them be a more full and bushier and locked them in place . It is an old combo known to every human on this planet and galaxy but I am really enjoying it even tho I am no expert or good at it!



The next favorite is my moisturizer of chiose these days and believe it or not ,I am using such a thick cream I am kind of shock with myself too . Recently I have been keeping the skincare to the bare minimum , so I exfoliate every two days and leaving the skin free in the day I use this thick and rich cream before going to bed and I find myself be really content at the moment with this schedule. Mainly because I am lazy and second because I think it really works and has helped my dry summer undamaged skin to restore and recharge during the night.





Last but not least , I have recently busted out my Drunk elephant sunshine drops ,these are probably the only base product I use when I am a little bit more tan. Unfortunately I cannot make it work during the winter or colder month ,it is really splotchy and non consistent ,but when I use it in my bronzed ares with a fluffy brush and a tiny tiny drop I get the most amazing glowing and bronzing base . I guess is one of those product you get to try and find the best way for you to use and after a few errors and trials you make it work. Not all beauty products necessitated this much effort of course but I guess it is also the beauty of finding your own rules and make them work.







Last but not least I have to give a shoutout and an honorable mention to the bentoteca in Milan . It is a restaurant I was dreaming of going for months and months before Covid and now that we are all more free , I finally get the cache to go and omg I want to come back so soon and try everything else on the menu . It is so beautifully designed ,the space is calm and warmth ,a relaxing corner and the experience of the food is served and presente d to you by the most knowledge and educated waiters . The food is incredible and I cannot express enough how amazing this place is and deserve a lots more . Check it out if you are in the zone |

Bentoteca Milano https://www.bentoteca.com



Anyway ,that’s it for today guys ,let me know your favorites of the month and I will see you soon folks!


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