Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and today I want to share with you an easy to do makeup look inspired but the fact that the world is kind of actually began to open again .

The first step is obviously a luminous base as you guys already know and probably are sick of hearing me talking about it ,but let me be clear and specific ,we are not going to do the same of luminous base because ,at least where I live there is like an humidity level of the 70 % ,so welled skin food I love you sooo much but no.

The key and the tricky part of this look is to make it last trough the humidity and the hot climate without ruining everything.

First step : laying base . The most important thing to keep in mind is that we need to create an homogeneous and solid base by building layers on layers .

I avoid using too thick moisturizers and most of the time I leave my skin bare nude and go in straight with my first layer which is the charlottetilbury flawless filter at the moment and it has been for a long time now but honestly, it’s really hard to find something that works so well.

I have already talked about this so much but as you can see, other than blending like a dream it also doesn’t accentuate the texture of the skin but it leaves the skin a beautiful glow.

The key is not making everything matte and use an abundance of powder, but to keep the skin shine going in with smaller brush and mattefing where it needs to be matte and keeping the glow where we want it to be.

One of the things I love to do the most in this case since I am not a huge fan of opacity and matte texture on my skin instead of using a press powder I love going on my cream product with the same fame of a powdery one.

In this case for example I use the sunshine drops by drunk Elephant as my bronze base and on top I apply with a very fluffy brusb my favorite powder bronzer at the moment by kiko Milano.

The two shades I find compliment each other very well since one is matte and the other I more glowing and together create the perfect not too warm not too cold shade of bronzer.

This way we can sculptured the face as well as warm it up.

The next step is concealer and in this case I am loving my Hourglass cosmetics vanish concealer because it is not too emollient but it quite matte without being cakey.

It is ultra long lasting and honestly it is exactly the best for this kind of weather although I really use only a tiny drop of it, because it goes such a long way and also because as I have already said a million time in this post, thin layers is the key.

I must be honest, most of the time I do wear concealer under my eyes but this one is really making an exception because the way it smooth the skin under my eyes and keeps it secure for hours and hours is just so relatable.

Also, I don’t know about you but when the hottest month comes around I tend to sleep less and worst and so my under eye ares really is in need to be covered up.

To tie the look up and keep it simple as you guys probably already know a lot, I love to blend in a little bit of bronzer in my crease and this is one the best things I love to do when I am in a rush or I just want to do something simple and keep the focus in the lips like in this case.

The nexy step is blush and in this scenario I pulled out the queen of the summer, the blush with a caption B and I am absolutely talking about Taj mahal by Nars, an explosion of orange and gold in the most pigmented and buttery consistency possible. This really works wonderfully with a red warm lip like in this case and together I think they create the perfect combo.

The lips honestly i love me a good orange red lip in the summer time and preferably long lasting. This one by makeup forever is super comfortable and last am entire meal so it is safe and secure.

So finish the entire look and keeping it in place I drench myself in the Hourglass setting spray. As the name suggests it is exactly a veil, the most soft particles of water and glicerins that makes you look like a sweaty gooddes but in the best way possible.

Anyway guys I think that’s it for today and let me know what you think and if you want to share your tips for this kind of looks.

I will see you soon folks!

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