Hi guys ! How are you? I hope you are all well and today I want to share with you an easy makeup as well as a way to add a touch of gold in your everyday makeup.

I saw this makeup done by a very good makeup artist, I leave you the link below and I highly recommend you go and see it because it absolutely deserves it.

I love to add a touch of gold and glitter in my everyday makeup, it’s definitely not the most versatile thing in the world but it’s something fun and why not, easy to recreate.

The key to this look is a touch of eyeliner, in my case, something long lasting will surely help a lot. The position, being so subtle and delicate, requires a formula that lasts as long as possible. In my case, in fact, I used an old kiko milano eyeliner but something similar will surely be easy to recover. What’s also nice about the look in question is that you can use any color and texture.

I chose the gold precisely because I was inspired by this fantastic makeup artist.


In general, playing with colors that we wouldn’t usually put on our lips is fun and as far as I’m concerned it helps me a lot to see makeup and beauty tricks for what they are, play tools and ways of expressing ourselves. There are no labels and rules other than those that you make and create and decide for yourself and the newest, freshest and most stimulating thing is to destroy them to always create new ones.

We can therefore start with such a simple and fresh look with a light base, strangely, and a slight line of golden liquid eyeliner on the tip of the upper or lower lips, depending on what we like best. I honestly love the touch of gold above paired with a very nuanced nude, almost imperceptible and all tied together by a luminous base.

The next step and perhaps more an editorial or impact photo is the total look on the lips. in my case I decided to use the eyeliner first and go on top with a glitter eyeshadow to make it adhere better to the underlying base. This is certainly much more challenging but a lot of fun.

In any case, as you can see, these are extremely simple looks that are by no means a makeup artist, but I wanted to share them with you anyway, because when I find something so fun and different in a certain sense I like to hear you think about it and how you think about it. use them.

Let me know what you think as always and see you soon folks!



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