Hi guys! How are you doing today ? I hope everything is doing well and today ,with a little bit of delay I want to share with you my may favorites. I must say, I haven’t a lots to talk to you about because it was a very full work month but some of the things that I re discovered or just discovered I am madly in love with. So here we go.




Helgoland is not a new in book for me but I wanted to re read it because it’s definitely one of my favorite books. It follows some of the years lived in this incredible Island isle by Hiesenberg. The thing I appreciate the most about this book is how well written, in a very narrative and sleek form( without losing the physics and the mathematics )it is. You feel like you are into some sort of romance or fictional book but it is actually something that bring you a pack full of information and knowledge without the heaviness of the subject .The landscape in this case play a huge role and really help you feel transported in another parallel universe . If you love quantum physics and love nature ,please go and read this book and let me know if you like it or not !



Il Gattopardo is a novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa that narrates the transformations that took place in life and society in Sicily during the Risorgimento, from the moment of the passing of the Bourbon regime to the unitary transition of the Kingdom of Italy, following the expedition of Garibaldi’s Thousand. The novel deals with obviously very important, not to say fundamental, events in the history of Italy and our national unity and for this and other reasons it is one of the classic novels that at school we all sooner or later have to undergo and read and probably not much appreciate. But this is absolutely one of which books that invade your heart and mind leave no room for imperfections and moments of emptiness. It is richness in the state as well, richness of the words of the senses of the language and of the strauttra. The images are colored in full saturation in your mind and there is no longer a return to what the books were before the leopard but it becomes a post leopard era in which it will be difficult to find opponents.





Colourpop x iluvsarahii was and will always be in my humble opinion one of the best best best collaborations I have ever witnessed and lived . I love everything they brought out and alt ought there’s nothing new under the sun ,I love the spectrum they choose for this project .

It’s a very old one eyeshadow palette and I am sure I wouldn’t be allowed to use it but I just rediscovered it since I am trying to use up every eyeshadow palette I own before buying something new in that category . The warmth especially in this little compact are so good and so easy to blend and I just love to do a quick and easy all ove the lid kind of look.

I am not sure if it still available since I just discovered it was kind of difficult to find a link but the message as always is just to try and find a similar vibe ,you don’t have to but everything I tell you of course!


The second beauty product I have really busted out this month and I am sure will do even more in the future is this amazing orange almost neon , lip stain  from Sephora. This formula is ,again nothing new ,I new I already loved it and I own so many shades of this collection but this orange shade really spoke to me recently and there’s nothing I love more than a cool look with no eye makeup ,a juicy and glowing base and a bold lip orange moment with a sleek hair back . I just feel so good in this look and I love this lip product so much ,since it is long lasting not super drying even tho it is a stain so don’t expected to feel comfortable after hours and hours and the color payoff is full and vibrant. A must for an orange lover like me.





Will and Grace was the series I discovered this month after having no comedy left to watch , I died to give it a try and boy oh boy I loved it. The characters are so funny so over the top ,so outrages . You laugh so hard every single time and ft not having to mention the fashion aspect of the show which is absolutely incredible (my white socks obsession shattered from Jack btw). It is light but it is also super important for how wide the spectrum of the caricatures covered I would absolutely suggest it to you.







The last favorite of the month is my new podcast obsession . As a lot of you know I love running and I love listing to podcast while I run and so this new discovery has also helped me a lot to improve my run . It is a really new podcast born in 2020 by two journalists of the vision an online paper which I adore and read all the time and they talk about recents news and facts with a new host every week .

Highly recommend it.






I am sorry if the favorites of the month weren’t so fresh and new or super excited but there month like this and that’s ok too.

Stay safe and I will see you soon folks!


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