guys ! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are doing great and today I want to share with you a little boglpost about recents ootds.

I have to do a little prefer around the fact that I have gain a lot of weight during the last months and I fell really really bad about myself . So please be gentle since I am working really hard on it and I am trying to be better for myself and to feel good again .

Weight and shape can be a hard topic for a lots of us ,so let’s try to be nice and gentle with one another.

But anyway, let’s talk about some clothing ,shall we ?

The first look is one of my go to outfit ,it’s kind of my uniform for when I wan to feel elegant and chic at the same time . Nothing groundbreaking here since it’s something we see everywhere ,from Kendall Jenner to any kind of fashion blogger on the planet. The thing I love the most about this ootd is that it’s super comfortable and forgiving : the loose and oversized fit of the trousers allow me to feel not restricted or super tight ,something that you want to avoid when you feel a little overweighted .

The linen material it’s breathable ,fresh and light so that even tho we are literally over covered ,we still feel light and summer \ hot weather ready.

The belt element it’s the most important factor of the outfit ,pinching the waist helps our figure to have some structure in the most flattering way possible. It helps our shape to stand out but be forgiving . Since I am quite short ,the high wasted is well balanced with the crop top that helps my figure to be balanced and more flattering . The oversized linen blazer bring back the oversized overall fit of the look but with the crop top and the belt ,it doesn’t make me drown in it .

The materials are another key element of the look ,the black leather of the belt in contrast with the linen, which is the predominant material of the ootd create a contrast in shades and materials that tie up together the coolness and the elegant of the look in a smart and subtle way .

A masculine touch of the belt in contrast with the cotton and lady feel of the crop top playing contrast with one another and help us again ,playing with opposites elements.

To complete the look a pair of scrappy sandals would be amazing but I must be honest I barely never wear them since I cannot walk in them and also I am not a huge fan ,but you do you.

Major Inspo :

The second ootd is something a little bit out of my comfort zone but I love how it turned out . If you know me ,I love me a good pop of color from time to time especially if it’s in a dress form and this one from Zara from many months and months ago ,it’s the one . It’s slightly too fit for me at the moment so I’m not gonna talk about it again ,but I still love it so much .

It’s a stretchy material with a lots of elastane in it but I still love it so much even tho I feel like a salame in it and I decided to pair it with my zara sandals that I am wearing so much and it seems like I cannot stop wearing them. A good pair of heels would be rather perfect for this ,but again ,I much prefer a good comfortable foot wear . To tie the look up I put on top my favorite summer months linen oversized blazer (the same from the last ootd) .

I love play to dress down an outfit like this ,where the dress could be potentially a super elegant element but with a blazer and a pair of cool sandals ,you can wear it literally everywhere.

Inspo :

The third look is a super chilled one featuring one of my most worn pieces of clothing ,with the zara sandals of course. I m talking about a trend that I immediately jump in because I knew deep down in my soul that I would be so in love with it and I was absolutely right . I am talking about the boxer trend . I love anything loos and again , since I am not feeling so comfortable with my body at the moment ,this trend was right up my taste and preference and I am so deeply madly in love with it.

I wore my misguided one so much and in this particular outfit I wore them to really exaggerate the preppy vibes they have with an old hem polo ribbed top and an old silk bomber from Zara.

I love how schoolish like it is with the white socks and the dr.martens and I know it can a love it or hate it thing but for me ,anything that resemble and old man playing golf or just my grandfather ,it is a must .I love me a good masculine and ugly ootd. The loos fit of the shorts allows us to play with shapes and forms and so I decided to okaying it cool with this polo ,a classic piece but in a more feminine touch with the fit look. The bomber is a wild card in this case since I think it could work perfectly either with it or without it but I guess I was feeling brave for once in my life.

Some alternatives for these kind of shorts which may be a trend that nobody loves , are this kind of short simple and tailored from zara . A classic piece that ,again can be dressed up or down .

For a more feminine touch and overall outfit this simple white skirt can also be our favorite friend.

The fourth look is probably one of my favorites ,I actually wore it yesterday night for an aperitivo and I love how confident and beautiful it made me feel. It’s particularly simple and yet effective with the pop of red from the silk skirt ,the leather jacket undress the elegancy of the silk and make it look more street wear than usual and the Jordan finished it up with the coolest touch .

The red the black and the white works like magic all together in my opinion and again , I love just so much playing with contrast and making elegant touches be balanced with more streetwear ones .

When I first got this shoes I was so bombed about them because I love their aesthetic so much ,the fact that I am a huge Jordan fan is just a plus and I couldn’t wait to wear them a lot but I must admit they are a little bit tricky to style .

The red and the black isn’t something I usually gravitate towards but in the end ,although with some particular outfits ,you get the results.

Anyway ,there were some of my recently favorites outfits and although they are not groundbreaking by any means I love them so much and I have been wearing them so much which is always a good sign and something I feel really passionate about.

That’s it for today guys and I will see you soon folks!


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