Hi guys! How are you doing today?

I hope everything is going well and since it is finally the weekend of this long and busy week I thought about share with you one of my favorites makeup looks, one of those looks you do when you want to feel cool and beautiful and you know it will be beautiful.

I use for this particular blogpost this amazing gold scarabeo green from the natashadenona triochrome palette, I talked about it so much so you know how much I love this piece of art.


The colors are so unique and act in the most secure and beautiful way, easy to blend they are so rich and elegant.

This vibrant green speaks to me every time and I thought that it would be perfect for this kind of look.

The look in itself it is so easy since it is a grafic liner type of structure, so nothing it is more easy than this to create.

The key is to have an eyeshadow like this that you can trust in the process and a good brush.


The shape depends obviously from the shape of you eye area and in my case since I am no longer a young woman and my 30s years old are making themselves be felt in every way possible, I create my own shape.

The best brush in this case is a sintetico brush, the kind I would use usually for my concealer to really be precise and still be able to blend whenever I want.

The shape of the brush is slightly rounded on top but still ferm and hard so that you can draw your perfect shape and as you can see there’s not a right or wrong way to do this so you do you.



I saw so many beautiful women create this kind of look with all of the most different colors and it is such an easy look that you can try to recreate it as you like with what you have and prefer at home.


I love how I feel about me when I wear some sort of look like this, it makes me feel so beautiful and cool.

This kind of pop of color when the rest Is kept really nude and simple almost untouched and with an all black outfit to match my soul, I love this so much.

I’m gonna stop rumble so much and I will see you soon folks, let me know what you think guys and if have tried anything similar.

I will see you soon folks.

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