Hi guys ! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are doing great and today I want to share with you a little makeup look I saw by this incredible makeup artist I discovered on instagram and although it is nothing new or groundbreaking ,this look talks to me and it is so exciting to me I couldn’t not trying to recreate it for the blog for me and for you.

I use mainly my Norvina palette because the bronzes and the golds on this palette are incredible and are so easy to use . The quality is 100 % there when it comes to Anastasia Beverly Hills so I was secure and prepared.

The main base products are my beloved Weleda skin food as a primer and a base because I didn’t want any kind of coverage on my face.

I just retouched a little bit the under eyes area with my Hourglass cosmetics vanish concealer (a little bit goes such a long way).

The help me create the most flawless base I also use my favorite Charlotte tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in number one just one the highest point of the cheekbones because in my humble opinion there’s nothing that beats this product.

The luminosity it gives the skin without even seems like it’s there.

You don’t feel it on your skin and you can layer it up as much as you want and it never ever ever fails.

I spoke about this product so much already and I use it every time I want to wear makeup and it just works in the best way possible.

I use it in the winter time as a base applied all over the face and when I am a little bit more tan, like right now as an highligher.

As the other main product I use my nudestix bondi Bae, the creamiest of them all.

It is to me the bronzer that never dies since I used it so much and it still going strong.

I love to use it especially in the winter time because it blends like a dream, it has the texture of butter and since it has the perfect undertone, not too warmth not too cold, it create the perfect shadow on the skin.

It gives you structure without creating too much of harsh lines.

I was so inspired by this amazing makeup artist because she basically use all creamy products on the model and I was so intrigued to recreat something similar.

That’s why I decided to use this nudestix bronzer as a base for my eyeshadow, to really give the overall eye look a warmth brown undertone.

To that base I applied a thin layer of the amazing color called summer in the Anastasia Beverly hills norvina palette. Summer is basically the perfect true definition of a bronze color, with the perfect cool undertone.

To me they worked wonderfully together and they really complement each other well.

I kept the lips nude with a warmth undertone to tie the look together. By deciding to not use any blusher and applying the bronzer in the middle of the cheeks I think it really create an amalgamation of colors and textures that works, at least in my opinion.

I really loved how it turned out the look, I felt pretty good in it and I also love when makeup artists like this amazing one, can show use how easy it can be with the right products without showing off a list of 300 makeup products.

Makeup should be accessible to everyone who want to play with it without having to try too hard but just having fun.

Anyway, that’s it for today guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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