Hi guys, how are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing well.

Today I want to share with you my two cents if you will about some hot topics like fast fashion and how I am approaching it ,how I relate with the trend and hot pieces and how we can change a little bit our minds around this kind of topics.

First of all I know this kind of subject can trigger some of you ,definitely I am one of those or I was I guess so if this is a sensitive subject for you ,feel free to leave .

I myself was fallen in the hole of the compulsive shopping ,I used to scroll trough zara and calando and hem every time I would feel depressed or anxious and bought and bought and bought things I would even never wear just to feel the rush of serotonine and seeing so many youtbers that still nowadays keep on filming hauls and hauls and massive hauls ,literally gives me nausea but I guess this is a completely different topic and its their choice ,as well as it is mine to unsubscribed or just not watching them.

Fashion to me is a scorce of inspiration ,is definitely something I thrive with and trough ,I love picking up outfits and styling different pieces .Is something I have always dreaming of doing as a job one day ,so talking about fashion here on my blog and putting outfits together ,is in a kind of way ,a way for me to do that.

But anyway ,without rumbling too much ,I wanted to talk to you and with you about trends ,how do you feel about them ? Where do you think you stand ?

Trends to me are those pieces of clothing that are all over instagram for a month of two and the next year you look at those and think “what the fuck was I thinking ?” for giving you a good and clear image here .

As most people I am one a sucker for them and and for trends in general and it is super difficult for me to stray away from them ,first of all feeling trendy I guess is something that makes me feel accepted and like I am part of something ,cool and nice. The funny thing is that when I was a child I was the black sheep and really don’t give a fuck about how I was dressed or how I looked .

I guess part of the growing process is that we want to feel accepted and is kind of natural to want to be trendy, losing in a certain way our identity to omologate to the mass.

Definitely don’t even want to try to stay here writing about how unique you are and how you shouldn’t trying to omologate to the masses because A there’s nothing wrong in wanting to feeling acceptance ,B it is a natural part of the process and since I am the first human that seek that feeling every day ,no matter how bad or good it is ,you do you and eventually we will all figure it out .

Trends pieces are usually fun and since they are new and poping out everywhere ,we are immediately drown to them ,we want them and we seek them. Since this is so natural and human to be and feel ,we can ask ourself ,is this something I will use next year ?

And we can lie and bought it anyway ,or we can be honest with ourself and don’t purchase it.

The urge to buy it will probably hunt us the next few days ,so I usually wait and give a week or two and see how I truly feel about it. After a few weeks we can ask ourself the same question ,so are we really in love with this piece ? Or is just something we see on every body ?

And although this may sounds redundant and misunderstood ,you would be surprised on how a little time of waiting has the power of changing our perspective on things.

The most magical and beautiful and romantic thing would be to not having any trend piece and built a closet made of classic pieces but since we are ,well at least I definitely am not Maire Kundo ,I gotta have a compromise .

My compromise is created by waiting and asking myself if I really want something and if I really can see myself using that particular item with other things in wardrobe ,I start the search to find the best option and in this case ,the best option is usually something not so expensive but either not the dupe that is similar but so diverse from the original one.

I am gonna give you a little example here : the oh so famous chance sandals that come out a couple of years ago. The first time I saw them I was obsessed and I couldn’t stop thinking about them . I felt like they were me in a sandals ,the comfy and sporty look together,amazing . I couldn’t allow myself to spend 1200 euros on a pair of sandals ,something I can wear a few weeks a years ,absolutely not. I forced myself to focused on what I had at the time ,which were my Birkenstock . This year I saw a lots of brands do an exact dupe of them and after asking myself again and again the same question and after have waited months and months I decided to buy the cheaper version and honestly I have wore them so much already that the cost per wear is basically already zero.

What I was trying to say I guess ,is that fast fashion is bad of course but in same cases ,like this ,is actually helpful and has helped me save a lots of money and they are something that I will use to death now and next years, not putting out a fast waste .

It is a tricky subject and I would love to hear what you think about this ,cause I think the dialogue and confrontations are always the best things to do.

Stay safe out there guys and I will see you soon folks!

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