Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope everything is alright and today I am here to hopefully inspire some of you with a few summer ready outfits. 


Nothing groundbreaking as always here nut I find myself living in these since they are so comfortable and easy to modify or adjust to any occasion.

The new in or the trendy piece of the blog are definitely the boxer fit and style shorts that we are seeing everywhere and honestly ,if something so comfortable and easy to wear is in style ,I am jumping on board without even looking. This pair are from Misguided and since I bought them I can’t stop wearing them. But you can find them literally everywhere . 

I love wearing them in a more subtle way with a long sleeves thirst or a jumper around the house or with a nice top and a shirt for going out. Honestly ,so versatile .


I don’t think it could exist a summer inspired ootd blogpost without some sort of linen piece and to me this is my favorite linen pants from Zara almost two years ago. This is the kind of piece I feel good buying from zara because I know that I will be living in them as I’m am doing. 

They are high wasted ,so comfortable and elegant . A statement .


The other statement is my brother’s light blu shirt. I love a man fit shirt because they always dress a little bit oversized and this has the best stretching cotton texture with the most beautiful light blu color and undertone. I pair it with the beige pants or the grey ones from Zara and still, it works perfectly wonderfully even in a more relaxed way.



Again ,light the linen trousers ,this pair of grey ones from zara are another good example of how much you can wore and reuse a piace from the fast fashion without saturated the field. They are again ,so comfortable and one of my most wore piece . I love the bottom situation and the fit is relaxed and tailored . 


I paired the with a nice cashmere top or with a more structured Polo shirt and I still love them both way.

The gray allows you to play with them as you want without having to think it about it too much.





The last statement are my beige ultra old pants from zara ,again I know but this comes in handy to prove you how we can reuse our fast fashion pieces and using them with conciseness . This are one of my all time favorites trousers because of the fit since they are slightly ballooned and the waist comes high so that you can still create a nice shape and silhouette but still get the oversized comfort .





I play with them in a more unusual for me at least ,way. This vintage Lacoste polo add a touch of prep vibes and a color scheme more interesting in my opinion.


Still on the more prep side I wanted to play with textures more with this Fila tennis polo in the most comfortable and elastic material and although I don’t seem I was happy with the final fit.


A vest never killed nobody ,at least I think and since they are so so so in vogue right now I though about adding this item too. A black shirt with short sleeves and a nice cashmere black vest and you can’t really go wrong. I love how classic and cool it is and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing, feel cool and comfortable. 

Thank you again as always for taking the time to read my nonsense and let me know what you think and I will see you soon.

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