Hi guys! How are you doing today ? 

I hope you are all doing great ! Long time no seen from me since I was feeling a lot uninspired recently especially with my blog. First of all I don’t want to post just for the purpose of posting if something doesn’t mean nothing to me or it is not something I would be proud of producing so I much prefer stay away for a minute and come back whenever I feel like it. 

Also I am working on my photography website and I am trying to make it look good and as perfect as it could be . I will talk about it when it will be finished and I am gonna link it below if yo want to give it a look. 

But for today I want to share with you a recent look I wore for a little aperitivo with my girls. It is a simple yet super effective and cool look in my opinion and you don’t need to use this particular palette I used of course ,as always use what you have and the colors you prefer. 



To me red has always been something I was staying as far away as possible : I was always afraid of looking kind of sick ,not to glamorous but recently I just love it ,especially when I began to be a little bit more tanned and not so white like in the true winter months. 


I absolutely love the Jackie Aina palette and I want take it out recently since I am trying to use up a lots of my palette and not buying more makeup unless I finished one product and since last year ,this is definitely something I am so proud of. 

If you are curious  or maybe want a blogpost about my no shopping journey ,please let me know and I will be super happy to do it.


Anyway I was talking about the palette I used and although I just love this palette ,it has been in my favorites so many times and to me is the best collaboration yet from Anastasia Beverly Hills . But I decided to write this little blogpost about this particular look ,not because it is so unique and extremely sophisticated , but because it is easy to create and even with a good blusher topper or a shimmer bronzer and that’s the beauty of makeup, the flexibility and easy to use when products are good.



This particular red shimmer dreams is so easy to blend and with a warm brown in the crease this look it is so easy to create but has so huge impact . The little touch of light I decided to added not only in the inner corner but also in the outer corner and I am not gonna lie I love how it turned out.


The little dark chocolate brown liner helped me defined the eyes and regulated the application of the outer highlighter ,so that it was much more defined and controlled but still a smokey eyes.

The powders of this palette are so easy to use and buttery ,they really are the absolute dream to use.






Kept the rest pretty neutral and warm to tie the look together and I think it worked put pretty good. I dint want to add a red lip to really make the eye stand up but if you want a really bam effect on a night out ,I think it would worked out wonderfully.


I am sorry if I am a little bit out of practice since I didn’t write for a while now but let me know as always what you think and If you like this type of look. 

I will talk to you soon and take care !

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