-Another product that I fell in love with since my order on kiko milano, are the lip pencils and in particular after having fucked one of my favorite orange red lipsticks, I decided to try this pencil in the most beautiful coral color I have ever seen. They are creamy, super matte and full of color pencils. One pass is more than enough and the colors available are one more beautiful than the other. Absolutely recommended and in this case the packaging is excellent.

Documentary https://www.netflix.com/title/80240923?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp


The other film is a colossal by Spike Lee, a cornerstone in the history of cinema and the feminist manifesto. A true nude film. raw, made for women and men who want to learn more about feminism, gender equality and in general who love cinema of a certain level.

A film to see and review, absolutely a unique piece.



Little big mention goes to my new obsession: Chawmpers. You know how I think about rings and in particular about making statments, an accessory that makes an outfit. This brand recently discovered on instagram, an Italian from the beautiful Florence that creates unique and rare rings, ride the wave of the citch that is recently very fashionable, recreating a 90s look in a more exaggerated and colorful way, they think they have distinguished themselves from the crowd for their unique and absolutely brilliant design.



Last mention goes to the TV series Atlanta, with the legendary Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. To see, structured in two seasons, one so different from the other and one more beautiful than the other in such different ways. A first season to die for laughter and so beautiful and real about life in the Atlanta neighborhoods, full of food for thought and laughter. Characters so creative and true at the same time, could anything less beautiful be born from the genius of Donald? I do not believe. Look forward to the third season!




Very last category and mention goes to this application which I recently discovered. You know how I am trying to eliminate my use and exploitation of fast fashion as much as I can and I found this application brilliant because, by entering the name of the brand you want to buy, it tells you what impact the company has on the environment, how much they are engaging or not trying to be ecological etc. Absolutely a beautiful application that I recommend.



That was it for today and I will see you soon folks !

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