Naturally – Don’t even know what does it mean to wear something naturally but here I am trying to explain it to you. Something we see a lot on the runways ,a barely there light tint on the lips and the cheeks as well to tie it up coherently and in a very romantic and soft way . I usually apply the red lipstick of choice with my fingers and then tap it lightly on my lips with my fingertips. 





Classic – The most classic way to wear a red lipstick in my opinion is with a bold black eyeliner. Something we from the beginning of times ,as the most famous red carpets looks. Something I can imagine Greta Garbo would wear in the most romantic way. In this case ,the lipstick is applied in the most precise way to balanced the structured look of the eyeliner. Nothing is romantic and ethereal ,nothing is tap with the fingertips or in a messy way. Everything is defined and precise. Two things that definitely don’t define me, but we can try.






Bold – Last but not least ,rock n roll come around and break every rules : you can’t wear bold lips and eyes ? Wrong : you can do whatever you want.  This is a more difficult way because the mistake of completely ruined the look is right around the corner . The key is to take it step by step  :  layers by layers. A soft black pencil in the inner eye liner softy blended is the key to create a more grunge look.

I hope you are doing great and I hope this little blogpost was a bit helpful for you. Stay safe and healthy and I will see you soon folks!

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