Hi guys how are you ? I hope you are well and safe, considering the end is near for this period of poop.
anyway, today I want to talk again about my favorite profiles, the profiles that I genuinely recommend you to follow because they give me something, they are not just beautiful things to see but they inspire me every time I take my phone in my hand, which is far beyond what I should look at it temporally speaking.

Anyway, the first person I want to advise you is a girl I started following on instgram and who literally opened up a world of knowledge and interest to me on topics such as general culture, contemporary art and feminism. has an intelligence out of the ordinary and not only, he manages to write about difficult and complex topics, such as feminism, in a practical, simple, clear and linear way so that he can make himself understood by everyone, literally be a vehicle of precious information for all women and men.

Her blog is an incredible source of knowledge so much so that in the evening before going to bed I often put on and read it if maybe I don’t want to read a book, and take notes on everything he writes. Each sentence, each word for each article is written ad hoc, is full of flavor and history, of meaning and beauty. I strongly advise you to follow her and read her blog and site because I truly believe that she is doing something important, fundamental, necessary and irreplaceable, to educate.
Besides being a very sweet and very kind girl, she is a model and I look at her and read her with admiration.

Check her out : https://www.herfeministbusiness.com

By completely changing the field and area, Zenaide is one of those people you do not know personally but who with some online interaction, manage to shower you with kindness and sweetness and I believe that there is never enough in this world. I love her site and the simplicity of the issues she transmits, despite being full of history, of life lived, of everyday life. It handles beauty, wraps it in beautiful analog formats and gives it with a credible naturalness, without fear of hurting it, giving those who after her emotions of a profound nature.

Do you know the mechanism through which smells awaken emotions? Her photos for me are a portal through which I relive moments that I no longer remember, like a day in the snow with my grandfather.

I also love and highly recommend her you tube channel, I ignore the quantity and the amount of work that goes into films like yours as well as the balls that I would never have, but also for this reason it is a great one. If you want to know more about the creative process, how to structure certain photos on the choice of material, or simply if you want to relax your eyes and mind for a few minutes, I leave you the link below.


The next girl I want to recommend not only has an incredible style in dressing that I 100% want to copy (blazers, leather pants, beautiful coats) and as far as interior design is concerned, in short, she is a girl stylish and to be taken as an example in 360 degrees.
In addition to a beautiful instagram profile, that is, which leapt to the eye in my case it is a small corner, a small guide, a series called “the monday how to”.
The thing I love most about this moment it created is how you force yourself, in the good way, to stop 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute, it tells you stop for a moment from your uncontrollable thumb movement on the phone screen while passively consuming without even realizing what you are throwing into your subconscious. For me it is as if it were a moment of meditation, of reflection that is needed, it is necessary and it is not easy to put in a context as difficult and fast as instagram.

She has succeeded and is managing, to give you a hand and tell you stop for a second and think and do some questions, give yourself some answers and I believe that in a context like instagram where everything is consumed in a few seconds, it is not at all easy, but I love the way she’s doing it.

You know how important it is for me to talk about mental illnesses of sanity and everything that concerns our minds our thoughts, so I strongly advise you to take a look at her profile not only for a well-being for your eyes and for a healthy source of inspiration, but also for a moment of subtle and delicate meditation.



The next girl I want to tell you about (I don’t just talk about women on purpose but first I love women and second I follow mostly women, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have profiles to recommend) is Barbara, a beautiful woman and mother and a very good photographer. I recommend that you take a look at her profile and especially at her site because for me her work and her photos, in addition to being a continuous source of lifestyle inspiration, are pure fresh air.

Mountain for me is a place of inner peace and meditation, of tranquility and I dream of moving to a place in the mountains since I am small so I admit that I can be particularly influenced by Barbara but in addition to the beautiful scenarios she shares, I believe that the genuineness and the freshness of its contents are fresh air not so much for the lungs as for the mind.
Sharing real life, everyday life and the ideals worth trying are sips of pure beauty, humility and everyday poetry.

I love feeding on her photos and the beautiful trips she has made to give my thoughts a stop, a signal to stop running and enjoy something beautiful, ouro and that’s exactly what I admire most about her work.


The next girl, artist and photographer that I want to tell you about is a recent discovery for me and that I fell in love with in a few seconds. I remember I was looking at my phone before going to bed (don’t do this is the wrong thing to do) and I stumbled upon her profile by accident and immediately saved almost all of her photos. I remember feeling inspired by her aesthetic from her work, the way she edits photos and the way she talks about particular products and in a world where nothing is new, everything is old and has already been done, to see so much originality made me feel full of desire to try to create something myself, being so inspired is not easy at all.

The aesthetics of her photos and the pastel tones that predominate her profile give creativity and calm at the same time as if to say, here is something beautiful for your eyes and something calm for your mind. The way she arranges the products in which she plays with different colors and textures is funny and original and I think you can’t ask for more than that.


Last, but not least I would highly highly recommend this incredible girl boss. If you, like me, are a skincare enthusiast and live discovering new skincare products or just getting to know better the science behind it, she’s the one for you. I’m talking about Chirbee https://instagram.com/cdy.lately?igshid=10vd1ppdsoba9.

First of all, she recently cut her hair and that’s not relevant to her immensely high educational content but she’s just so beautiful to look at, second of all from her insta page you can already tell and feel that’s she’s not messing around. Her work is so thoughtful, so detailed and helpful, but in a boring way where you feel overwhelmed by all the notions. The products are introduced in a practical and creative way, supported by amazing vogue style photos. To me her profile is an inspiration, I watch her work and left feel inspired by her aesthetic and knowledge. She’s a great writer and a great photographer and I can’t wait to see her bloom every day more and more.

I could go on for hours and hours but after a while I’m afraid of repeating myself and not being able to express what these people represent for me in an adequate and right way, so I prefer to talk about it a few at a time and give everyone the space they deserve. I thank these women for inspiring me on a daily basis and I advise all of you to follow and support them.

I hope you enjoy this little article and I will see you soon folks!

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