Hello everyone ! How are you ? I hope you are well and everything is going, considering the times we are in and if everything does not go well or you do not have to feel great, it is fine anyway because it is important to realize our sensations and our feelings, not internalize them and throw them out. Aware that if even now it is not ok and it does not go as we would like, it will not always go like this.

Anyway, cheap psychology aside, today I wanted to talk to you about some of my favorite techniques.

I don’t know why I always have to start a sentence and start opening up for 4 and a half lines of things that have nothing to do with but at the same time I love psychology or in any case I think it is very important not to ignore our sanity, especially in this period. It’s okay to talk about clothes and makeup that don’t matter and are a small part of our lives, but it’s okay in my opinion to be in the right state of mind or at least talk about it without ignoring it.

Anyway, last night I saw a video of Mariah Leonard, I figured you already know who she is because she is huge on youtube and instagram but I will still put the link of the video I am talking about below, so you can go and see how good things get done.


Mariah was born as a journalist and editor but I think she can be considered a real artist in all respects, from her photos that look like advertising campaigns to her makeup looks. In his videos not only his very nice, humble and bubbly personality is much better seen, but also his knowledge and culture in his field. It is extremely full of notions and advice and offers in a simple but complete way certain techniques, steps, ways of applying the products. In short, she is truly incredible, give her work a look.


In this video from which I took full inspiration not to say that I shamelessly copied it, she explains certain techniques and ways of applying her favorite products, explaining why she applies them in a certain way. So I thought it would be nice to try to do the same thing, also trying my way to apply the products I choose certain patterns.




Bronzer Is probably the first makeup product I have learnt how to apply and blend since is my most used one. Not only the chiose of the shade of the bronzer is so important ,but also the way we apply it. The brush of chiose for me is the fluffiest and biggest I can find ,but in a tapered shape : that allows me to be precise but not having harsh lines or strikes .

The bristles of the brush need to be all coated at the top to give the most full space coverage of the powder, but the fluffiness of the brush allows us to create an homogeneous layer of powder ,strategically applied.

With powders and light textures in general ,the key for me is ,to go light hand and apply it starting from a point and go around with circular motions. The circular pattern allows you to blend it in the best way possible with no marks or stains, starting from the outer point of your face and blending it around : for example if we are talking about the cheeks area ,I always start from the ear and making my way trough the cheekbones. To really make the perfect no makeup makeup look and make it more coherent and equilibrated ,I always like bring the bronzer on my lid ,on the outer portion of the lid (something I always like to do even with the blush of chiose ).




One of my favorite trick with concealer is to use it as a lid primer ,although I don’t really think this is a huge technique hack ,I love how easy It makes the application and the blending of everything I will put on top . We should always remember that we need to prepare the skin in order to have the perfect canvas ,otherwise everything we do on top will not serve us well .

Another thing I have already told you a lot ,is my way of applying concealer . I guess this would apply and make more sense on those who are near to my age ,but in my case basically less is more . The under eye area can become dry and wrinkled with time ,so my first concealer of chiose would be something with less coverage and more hydration factor. The emollient factor helps blurred out wrinkles and keep the skin soft and luminous. 

The key is to apply it with a small precise brush and tap it over with my fingertips. The application allows us to be super strategic and clean in the making of the layer ,the warmth of the fingers acts as setting instrument and helps the creaminess in excess to go away ,otherwise things can get too messy . 

Where do I apply it ? Other than the eye lid as I have already said ,I focused it in the inner corner on the lower half of the eye ,so that the smallest amount is more than enough to cover the entire area. This way we know we can’t get the cakey effect or the powdery look but we cover the bluest zone and brighten up the eye look .

The other and last way I like to apply the concealer is an erasers : it allows me to sculpt the cheekbone without having to use a sculpture powder and I find that it helps me create if I want a more clean and defined complexion . Especially since I tend to go overboard with blush and bronzer sometimes I risk to lose the definition and the placement of the powdery products.




The last trick I want to share with you is the so famous technique called back coming ,from backward to the front of the brows . This technique is very useful if you ,like me ,want to get a fuller and more voluminous brow look but are not so blessed with a bushy brow. This technique is very easy to practice and the only recommendation is to get a good brow gel with fibers in it so that you can create more volume attached to your natural ones ,and to go light handed because once its applied it’s difficult to go back.

I hope you have somewhat enjoy this little article and let me know what are your techniques and if you have find these somewhat interesting at all. 

Stay safe and I will see you soon folks!

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