Hi to all guys, how are you? I hope you are all well and wherever you are, we hold firm that the end is near.

As usual, I will avoid saying that I’m not here to talk about covid or anything, but to talk, in the specific case of makeup today.

In particular today I want to share my favorite current base with you. Now, as you probably already know, I change the base every month or not even weekly and this is because depending on the heat or cold it is, my skin (like everyone’s) immediately responds to the climate and to the dryness or humidity to which it is subjected.

Reason why, having literally erupted the heat here in Italy, I started with my usual base much lighter than the winter one.


First step: my favorite Oskia sunscreen (https://www.oskiaskincare.com/products/spf-mist/)

Never forget spf, especially in the hot months even if it should be put every day of the year I admit not to be the best in absolute and often in winter I forget it, especially during a global pandemic. The thing I love most about this sunscreen is the lightness, the texture is practically water and once absorbed it is absolutely impossible to feel it on the skin and that’s something I love.
The aroma is delicious just hinted which is always helpful in a spf.
Under the make-up or over the make-up it fits very well without disturbing what we put under or over.


The second base is the weleda moisturizing cream, famous and now burst thanks to the makeup artist Katie Jnaes Hugh who paralto a lot of it, is a cream that, although it is really rich, as texture and consistency and specific weight, on the skin once worked with the warmth of the fingertips gives the hydration that the skin needs after so many cold months and remains perfect and luminous, creating a luminous and ethereal filter. It is as if it creates a highlighter effect without using a highlitgher but effectively nourishing the skin.


For the concealer I use two products, one in terms of color and one in terms of coverage and I’m talking about the Becca under eye brightening color correcting concealer and the becca aqua luminous concealer.



The next step is to cover with a light and moisturizing concealer like this, always pecked casually. I also love First Aid Beauty’s Bendy Avocado Concealer, very similar: light, opaque and long-lasting. When we go to put the concealer over our base, the white effect is eliminated and a neutral and natural eye area remains but immediately raised and fresh. 12 hours of sleep in a few simple steps.


The next step is a few drops of the drunk elephant sunshine drops. Basically it is a base to mix with your foundation or bb cream or cc cream or whatever you want to make everything more tanned and bronzed. in my hand and with a flat foundation brush, apply them how and where I would put the bronzer. The result is extremely transparent and light but it is what I love most, it does not feel on the skin, it does not weigh and it is something absolutely natural but still gives you a bit of a tan without having to stay in the sun.https://www.drunkelephant.com/products/d-bronzi-anti-pollution-sunshine-serum-drops

For this type of base, I don’t tend to use blush, I don’t know exactly why but when I do such a simple base and very no makeup makeup, I prefer to leave the earth and apply it more towards the center of the cheeks as if it were blush.

I know it is nothing, as usual, original or incredibly revolutionary but it is my current base that I will probably change again in a month when it gets even hotter but the beauty of makeup is that too. To change. Use the products as we want and as we like and need them. A product has a label but it must not deprive us of using it as we prefer. If a product has been made, texture must be our friend and bend to our needs. Feeling comfortable is the only thing that matters, and sometimes trying to get out of our comfort zone a little bit to never get bored.

I hope it was somehow useful or funny and let me know what you think and what your favorite base is if you have it at the moment. See you soon !

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