Hi all guys, how are you?
Hope you are all well.

As you well know I am very lazy and not very precise when it comes to makeup like all areas of my life and the next, which is why I am very good at finding quick, inexpensive and effective ways to get something. Today, for example, I want to tell you about a product that, however boring and not very aesthetically stimulating or creatively romantic, I always use and with a costamza that made me reflect on how much I actually rely on it.

As for the make-up for me nails are something I do for me and that if I have done and done well or in any case a minimum of decent, I do not know the psychological mechanism (but the closest thing that comes to mind to define something psychologically similar is narcissism) for which I feel better. A manicured hand and nail is something that immediately makes me feel like myself.

The hands in general are something that, like many, I immediately notice in a woman and in a man and having them every day in front of my eyes, it is important for me to have treated them as I like.

Obviously, and here comes the boring and difficult part, using only normal nail polishes, that is no gel or semi-permanent but only my natural nails, the nail polish applied on Saturday morning lasts for the first washing of dishes or a little more. Which leads me to put enamel on enamel already applied for pure pirgrizia of not having to remove it with acetone in order not to weaken the nail ultiermente and above all for as I have already said because I am lazy.

It is in cases like this that this small product comes into play, that is a simple gel top coat or the last step I put on after the nail polish has dried.

In addition to making the poorly satisfying work that I do putting and painting my nails, a masterpiece worthy of the New York MoMA, it helps me to last a coat of nail polish at least a week which will not be much for you but for me it is practically a ‘ calendar year.

Aware of the fact that I have mistakenly deleted everything I have written so far and that for once in my life I also liked it, I try not to have a breakdown and explain to you that in the uselessness of this little article there is a message that I would like to tell you and which I would like to share with you.

That is, a top coat is definitely something totally useless for many of you since you will already know a thousand of them or you will have had a thousand or you will have gel on your hands and for which you have not minimanete of these problems.

But what I would like to say is that in small porducts like this, which work well, I find comfort because unfortunately, although I write about tricks and find pleasure in experimenting with them and trying them out and photographing them, I still feel and always feel very alien to this world probably because I was made and born like that, certainly curious but very little expert.

And I think it is important, however, not to take this thing for granted because in the end this is how it would become not a competition to see who buys more makeup products in a fair of unbridled consumerism, where every day we are bombarded by a competition of brands, who has the most products, always new always in new releases. It should be for someone like me who feels like this, a little hand, a little help a little, look I know you’re not very good at this and there is, I’ll give you a hand.

This little transparent nail polish helps me feel more comfortable and confident.

And that’s how it should be often.

Anyway, I hope somehow it was useless if nothing else my reflection has given some ideas and let me know which polish you utter.

See you soon folks!



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