Hi guys how are you ? I hope you are all well . Today I want to start talking about clothes that are not overalls or coats or pajamas, and start trying to dress in a pseudo-decent way now that it starts to get a little warmer and that we can talk about the end of the red zone and lockdown. iron touch.

What I am trying to introduce more and more into my way of dressing day after day, is comfort but elegance at the same time and to do this, in my case, I use and look for (because unfortunately it is very difficult to find beautiful things, well cut and that they don’t cost too much or in any case an exaggeration) pants and in this case I specifically created these looks based on what is called dad pants. That is pants with a more or less high waist, quite oversized as a fit and which, being wide and with a high waist, are usually absolute comfort.

Obviously nothing will ever be as comfortable as our jumpsuit or our pajamas but it’s already a good start not having to put on the tight jeans that we haven’t worn for months and that honestly feel bad at the very thought of putting them on. But in any case, the looks I have tried to create are showing you how despite being a style that can be and risk being old and not very usable, in reality I think it is very versatile and lends itself very well to various styles.



When you have such masculine pieces, pass me the term I have already explained what they mean as feminine and masculine but sometimes to make me understand immediately I have to use them, it is nice to play in two senses: either by breaking the balance and playing in contrast with pieces very feminine, like crop tops and bralettes. As I did in these cases by extending the fairly neutral tones in the first and playing with contrast with the colors in the second, it is nice to break the model a bit emily ratajkowski style.https://www.pinterest.it/pin/365073113544804845/



To break the total looke. playing contrast as I said before, in addition to using small more feminine pieces of clothing and showing more skin as in these cases, I love to use my nike blazers or some kind of sneakers. By now the sneaker and tuxedo combo is something we have already seen and reviewed and found that it is simply fantastic, at least for my taste it is.

To play down a look that has all the potential to be elegant and sometimes rigid or rather, formal is one of the things that I find most fun in styling and creating outift.

The swimsuit under the blazer or the top under a suit is a sort of vindication of a garment that for a long time has been used by men of power who could, as males, fill certain roles. I think this is one of the reasons why you feel so powerful and confident, often, at least in my case, wearing a comoleto jacket and tie or jacket and pants.

But in any case, without complaining too much about mass culture and the philosophy that lives behind every item of clothing, the sneakers besides obviously being very comfortable, help to add a relatability factor that in my opinion is always a icing on the cake.

Since the birkenstocks have made a big deal this year and have proven even more how they can be excellent items of accessories and clothing, who am I not to be an absolute sheep and follow the flock, putting the bostons with practically everything, from jeans to pants like in these photos.






Another way to make this type of trousers more modern is to use a less contrasted approach and stay more balanced. I loved an all navy look that created the one and only Brittany Bathgale with these dark blue pants, absolutely gorgeous for the price, to combine with a blue sweater, like the one from arket that I love or as in the photos you can see, I used one of her tricks of the turtleneck , in this case sleeveless ,with a shirt on top. Adpro this look. It is practical, delicate and very minimalist but by adding small layers one on top of the other I love to see how the masculinity that emanates does not overwhelm me but is all under my control.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntACauO3EYM&t=2s



It is certainly something that can be liked or absolutely disgusting but the moment something is comfortable for me, the discussion closes by itself.

Anyway, I hope it was somehow useful even if I doubt but at least fun and maagri in some inspiring little dose to see these quick and easy outfits I created recently. Nothing original or new of course, but simply adding your own personal touch to everything makes us unique in our own way.
Let me know what you think about them and if you like these dad pants that are in fashion and how you would wear them. thank you very much as always for your time and see you soon!

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