Hi guys! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing well and today I want to share with you my favorites of the month of March.

TV shows

The first favorite is the insanely famous show “The Big Bang theory”.

I don’t know why I have waited so long to finally sit down and watch this show but here I am ,bing watching it till every early hours in the morning and every morning regretting it. I guess I never learn my lessons . But anyway ,this show has one of most high hype I think i have ever experienced in my little life so that is already enough scaring .

On top of that It’s a show about quantum and theorist physics so I was even more scared ,but now I totally get it why it is cool and in America especially ,has become one of the best show ever made.

The protagonists are fun and the jokes are suppperrrr nerd, I am talking nerd on another level and I absolutely love this.

Altough, my only complain would be the females characters which are definitely not my favorites and I think they could have been better written in the early 2000. Other than that if you like me are into physics but not only ,I highly recommend this show.


For the beauty category I must say, Fenty Beauty pink lipstain.

Since spring is already here ,at least it should be since the temperature are finally rising up ,I love to wear a pink lipstick to announce the world I love spring and I am so very very original.

Sarcasm apart, this is probably one of my favorites pink shade and of course I was inspired by the one and only Katie Jane Huges for this kind of look. If you are in the market for a long lasting and still comfortable lip stain I highly recommend this kind of formula as I have already said in my blogpost where I talk more in depth about this gem so I am not gonna talk too much about it . I am gonna let the photos do the talking.




Movie wise, Marie and Malcom is a brilliant, Wonderfull and so rich and unique piece of theatrical art.

It has the so incredibly talented Malcolm (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Marie( Zendaya) as protagonists of this cathartic experience . It last two ours that fly in a couple of breath you can take from one scene to the other and they are slow and profound sometimes and other times they are shorts and other times you have stop breathing so much the tension is real and tangible. I cannot say enough good words about this work of art ,but I can only say go watch it.



Memorie di Adriano is an old book that I actually already read years and years ago but I wanted to re read it since I remember loving it so much and I remember actually correctly and that’s why I would highly recommend it to you. If you want a strong and mind blowing read that will take you on another planet ,time and location ,put you in the mind of Adriano and make you feel like you are totally transported to that era ,this is the book for you. Not too long , breath taking and so easy to follow this book will completely aroused you if you let it do it.


That’s it for this month favorites, let me know if you have tried anything similar and what are your favorites for March.

Stay safe out there and I will see you soon folks.

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