Hi all guys, how are you? I hope you are well considering the difficult times we are living in. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about global pandemics (unless it’s something you want to talk about if so let me know I might as well become a global pandemic blogger just for you, very interesting) but makeup products.

Absolutely necessary and fundamental topic in the life of each of us and of course you. How to make a living without beauty products is a good question considering I do my makeup once a week and I also suck.

But in any case, to ease the tension and not to think about the fact that I put photos of my make on the internet believing that it is also interesting and original, here is a new colorful look.

Honestly, it’s very rare that she does my makeup in a colorful way. As with my outfits, I hardly leave my comfort zone because I fear the judgment of others despite being 30 and telling my friends to believe in themselves and not care what others think. It would be nice to be an influencer and not just be influenced in life but we want to do it.

As I was saying, colors and Selene do not get along but, there is a big but, when it comes to little splashes and touches of color like an eyeliner, a dot on the inside of the eye, then I am absolutely the master of this dungeons and dragons.

I use yellow in this particular makeup look because I think it can be considered a fun alternative to a classic neutral color, you know what I’m saying?

It’s not like green or white or whatever, I like yellow.

Considering it’s the simplest makeup in the world since I literally made a pencil line on the lash line, as thin as possible, in my case my makeup skills allowed for a line as fine as the moon diameter but we want it to do. We can only improve, I think.

By doing something like this once a year, I think it’s mathematically impossible to see improvement.

To make such a colorful make-up less eighties and more modern, the trick is to leave the base light, as I always do because I hate the sensation of feeling products on my skin. Oh, hate is a big word but I confirm, I hate that feeling.https://www.byterry.com/makeup/face/foundation/cellular-rose-moisturising-cc-cream/#no1-nude

To make a makeup more wearable, even if you can literally wear and put on what you want because you are free to do what you want, the secret is to be light and not weigh down the textures, but to make everything homogeneous and delicate.

For the pencil, don’t ask me why I have a yellow pencil because I don’t even know the reason, I used the crayón mood set by linda hallberg, a fantastic makeup artist and, if you really want to do things right, set a creamy pencil with an eyeshadow of the same or very similar color is the best way to make the line more defined, longer lasting and the color more vibrant. https://lhcosmetics.com/collections/eyes/products/mood-crayon_happy

The lips are, again, slightly touched by the color and with a touch of gloss to make everything fresher. One thing I love to do for this type of lips is to take a lipstick of my choice, in this case a matte red lipstick, apply a very small dose to the center of the lips and with fingertips spread it, technical term for a makeup artist, on the rest of the lips(like I have a lot of surface to apply it to and not literally zero lips but let’s pretend I’m Kyle Jenner). https://www.chanel.com/it/make-up/p/162580/rouge-allure-velvet-rossetto-mat-colore-intenso/?param=value&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjPaCBhDkARIsAISZN7Skx_fMYiXmd6mMwx_Y6KNM1tFtDNRLFGW7X0B5LLtzOF-lQJJNYsAaAmYAEALw_wcB

If you want you can add a light gloss filter otherwise even leaving it matte is a great alternative since it is the only other. https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/mini-laguna-cheek-and-lip-duo/0607845015413.html

Anyway, let me know if you like it or it sucks you and if you want to do such a thing, I thank you for the time and the desire to read me and see you soon!

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