Hello everyone , how are you today? I hope you are well consoderate the times in which we live. Here in Italy vaccines are coming and even if feeling pessimistic and discouraged is around the corner, thinking that in just a year we have come to have a vaccine and be able to help people, makes me extremely proud, proud and above all optimistic and hopeful.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about vaccines even if it is an absolutely fascinating and super interesting topic that I studied in medicine and if you want to talk about it we are happy to talk about it recently, I don’t know exactly what the reason is but I feel extremely creative. As I have already told over and over again, my mind has always been used to reasoning logically and rationally by studying physics and medicine, it has not been very trained to use the more creative side of our intelligence. So having created this blog and the attached instagram profile sparked a new way of seeing things and expressing myself.

Working, or in any case dealing with your creativity is difficult and unfortunately it is not something we have too much control over which makes it even more fascinating but at the same time frustrating. This trait associated with a depressed mind like mine is often not the best of combos. I have already talked over and over about my depression so I won’t be here to get bored again, but in practice when you are in a low phase, creativity can pull you out or make you fall even lower and unfortunately the only way out. escape is that there is no escape but only learning to recognize the moments, the phases and knowing that everything is fleeting. Rest, read, study and leave when you are ready.

Anyway, all this useless introduction to say that lately I’ve been having and finding the courage to step out of my comfort zone a bit and explore new ways of doing photography and creating with it. And today I’m here to tell you a little bit about that.

Explain the creative or mental process that leads you to build something new, which is never new, however fascinating it is, I find it extremely difficult, so please be patient with my inability to be a blogger and explain myself in a meaningful way. which rightly as you will say are two things that should not be approached but, what do you want to do with it.

The first rule, if we want to call it that, is to look for sources of inspiration outside of your platform of choice. That is, in my case instagram is the platform I use and on which I expose my creative fruit, I will look for inspiration not on instagram. Nothing new in saying that pinterest is obviously a beautiful world in which to seek inspiration. But I love looking through my mother’s old books: books on architecture, history, literature and philosophy. There is no right or wrong source, I think it depends on your mind’s way of absorbing information. I have always had a need for the visual process, to know through images, for me, as for many people, images are the greatest source of stimuli and inspiration.

I don’t know exactly what the neurological process is for which this helps me to create something, but I think that distancing and distancing us as much as possible by being literally bombrdato 24 hours a day, our subconscious from sources and inputs of creativity known to him, is the best way.

The second rule, so to speak, is to try and make mistakes. Without settling for a long time, I have lived according to the rule of “the important thing” is to throw out and do nuvo, that is qauntità above quality and only recently I realized that this is not how you work well and create something nice, at least in my case of course.

If I am not satisfied with something I keep it aside and it can serve and come useful in other contexts, not necessarily an idea that I have in my head in the end fulfilled satisfies us and it is right that it should be so. Mnetre something is created, letting the instinct take over is fundamental for me. Often and gladly I start with an idea and arrive at a completely different result and it is so beautiful. Ideas change and mix with each other, they destroy and revive creating mutations or dying and only what speaks to our heart and mind comes to life and sees the light and is what then makes our creation special.

Obviously I’m speaking as a neophyte, absolutely profane of the subject. I am neither an artist nor I have talent, I speak only for what. my experience and maybe what works for me may work for you too or maybe not and that’s okay. The nice thing about creating something is that no one can tell you no, you can’t or get down until you create it with all of yourself.

Recently a fantastic girl I met on instagram advised me (she was the one who was the idea for this article, check her out BTW https://instagram.com/zenaide.key?igshid=rnf7sb19dnzk) to talk about how I made a photo, taken in honor of giovanni gastel, who recently died.

So I decided to combine them, creating a sort of “inspired by nature” photo. Using photoshop and the overlay button, I mixed the two photos adapting the lips to the shape of the calla, which almost without doing it on purpose coincided perfectly.

I am very beginners with photoshop and the use of these tools to alter photos, isch two photos or overlap them so my work is full of defects and very far from a perfect product and result, but as I said before, yes a whole new world is open to me, where even the possibility of superimposing two or three images, as in this case, increases the resource from which to draw inspiration exponentially.

The use of vsco and in particular of its filters is something that I have already paralto over and over again so I am not bored here so much but obviously a good black and white as well as being my favorite, allows you to hide all the errors in the most elegant way possible, my opinion of course.

I’m very curious about your favorite ways of craere, of taking inspiration. I know that many people love to totally disconnect and disconnect, take a walk and stay away from pc tablet and smartphone. I hope this was some kind of interesting and helpful and I will see you soon folks!

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