Hi guys! How are doing today ? I hope you are doing good and today I am here to talk to you about the shoutout of the month, a monthly ,well I try to ,article where I talk and share with you my favorite recents or not discovery .

Because sharing is caring I heard someone said. Anyway ,here are my favorites!


The first person I want to tell you about is a business woman with great taste and meticulous research for everything that is aesthetically pure and uncompromised, as seen from her instagram feed. In addition to this, it has created, as if that were not enough, a brand based on ecologically environmentally friendly and effective products, with attention to the smallest details. I haven’t tried anything yet but I can’t wait to buy since the rivews I’m reading are skyrocketing. What I want to try to tell you, however, is not only the brand or the beauty of an instagram profile, but overall an affirmed and intelligent woman, and I think that if you click on the link I left you, you will understand why I chose to tell you about her. . I will not elaborate further, because his work speaks for itself.



Another fantastic woman I want to talk to you about is rachel, it’s funny to talk about it as I knew her or were friends, but rachel booth, I leave you the link below as well as having a beautiful blog, minimalist and well cared for, she has that talent in creating photographs and above all in being able to express an emotion, a feeling, a quaclose of unperceivable through an image. I think it’s one of the hardest things to do and she does it great, I often and gladly go to the proofilo and look for inspiration by looking at her works and I advise you to do otherwise.




Like many of you, that is the three who read my blog lol, my deepest and true passion is photography, in particular street photography. If I could be vivian maier I would be happy so to speak, so when I saw Madelyn’s work I was amazed. A fantastic photographer, with an incredible way of transmitting emotions, smells and flavors through her works. There is a particular photo of her, which I remember the first time I saw her, made me feel the saltiness in my throat and nose and I believe that there is no stronger power than this. the way she combines the colors and plays with different textures is incredible but instead of being here trying to express what she can do very well visually, I leave you the link to her site so you understand better what I’m talking about.





Forever champagne is another of those women that I look at with silent, that is not so much dumb, admiration (simpson fans out there I hope you have caught the quote) but speaking of serious things, I love and I think you will love it too the way in which subtle way and not discouraged the details. in his photos there is richness and notion, intelligence and delicacy. There is nothing put or left to chance, but as in the best architectural structures everything is in harmony with what surrounds it, in lightness and depth together. I think you will be as satisfied and surprised as I was by this fantastic instgram profile and not to mention the blog that I actually recently discovered. Nothing like what I’ve seen before, colorful and creative, out of the ordinary and interesting. a stimulus for the mind and eyes.




Sophie is another one of those photography wizards to whom I aspire to be able to even just be accompanied (in my dreams of course). I think his work speaks for itself, as you can see but the way he talks and reviews skicare and beauty products, the way he creates a new world of talking about a product, the way he plays with makeup and makes it art, playing with textures and colors, packaging and shapes is pure high-level marketing. When art changes into new forms.




I could go on for hours and hours but I don’t want to make these articles too long so for this time I limit myself to these profiles and I strongly suggest you go and see them and let me know what you think but I have prepared a list of which is constantly updated so see you next time and stay safe!


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