Hi guys ! How are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing well in this strange time we are living in and on a completely different and more serious note I am here to share with you a little blogpost about my new favorite base ,something I never thought I would be consider since I am not even wearing makeup . The. latest makeup obsession of mine is a combo I have been wearing daily and it has been working amazingly ,over and under masks and especially in these cold months.

The base I want to talk to you about is a very easy and simple two products maximum.

The first is my new concealer which I am loving so so much. It is by Becca which I’m kind of disappointed because I recently found out that it will be discounted as a whole brand.

The thing I love the most about this concealer is how hydrating and yet flawless it makes my under eye area looks and feels. It is, for me, a wonderful product because as I am hitting my 30s my under eye is not so juicy and youth as once it was used to so I need much more less coverage and way more hydration factor.

The fact that give you the illusion of having had a good night sleep is the best thing about it.

It blends like a dream, such a great gel texture like and a good applicator which makes it even more easy and fast to blend.

I am really enjoying it so much and I guess once it is finished I will need to go search for a good dupe.

Since I have no particular skin problems in terms of blemishes and acne, I only use it under my eye but it last all day on me even with or without any kind of eye cream.

The next product is definitely no news for anyone but it is a new shade of the wonderful, so so so wonderful Charlotte tilbury Hollywood flawless filter which has been in my yearly favorites and I many many of my blog posts.

I have really been saying a lots, basically everything I could have possibly said about it I have so i am not gonna rumble too much about this gem.

It is the perfect hybrid between a cc cream a primer and highlighter all combined in one easy to use, applicator with a nice glass bottle.

I apply it only on the higher points of my face recently but I also love to use it all over the face even if to someone this could be too much. Still love it tho.

The highlights are subtle but enough to make your complexion luminous and flawless.

The last step in my new routine is to use a powder. Shocking I know.

But, as you guys know, I have finally found the perfect setting powder that makes me feel still juicy and glowing with the setting factor of it.

The product I am talking about is of course as you guys have already been probably been sick of hearing me talking about it buy, as you guys know I love to talk about products I use every day and love to death because I am willing to not buy new products every month but to get the full use out of what I own.

But anyway, the hourglasscosmetics ambient lighting palette is the most, for now, powders product I have tried so far. It gives you the most amazing flawless and soft focused effects with an amazing luminous filter.

This three products allow me to : be ready in 5, feeling secure and comfortable all day, masks proof, sweat proof and feeling beautiful and juicy where I want and how I want.

These are a little more expensive products I know but there are all worth the price and the hype, they are trustworthy, secure and reliable. Nothing unpredictable will happen with these combo, I would highly recommend it if you, like me, love a good strategic solution for a flawless complexion. The point and specific way to apply them works wonderfully as a whole and the final result is what I expect a goddes skin looks like.

Thank you so much for your time and kindness and I hope you liked this little blogpost and I will see you soon folks!

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