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Today I want to share with another spring inspired blogpost all about a groundbreaking makeup look including pink lips for the season ahead . Incredibly original and unique as an idea I know but still , I love how the tone and the textures change towards more warm climates and temperatures .


The base is light ,nothing change really in here , but we still keep the luminosity costrected and precicsly applicated as well as the opacity . The key is to apply a thin and luminous layer of base all over the face to give a fresh filter to the overall look and with a more precise brush (I love this one which I usually use for highlighter https://realtechniques.com/product/setting-brush/) but any kind of fluffy but little brush works wonderfully .

This way we strategically apply only where we need or want a particular effect and allow us to fully embrace a more warm climate and don’t have to worry about looking too shiny or too matte (it depends obviously also by the type of skin you have ). With the same technique we can proceed to apply blush and bronzer focusing the center of the attention to the complexion and its glow.https://www.hourglasscosmetics.com/products/ambient-lighting-palette

The bronzer can’t be too warm yet ,we are still pretty pale (probably ) from the winter months so an undertone orange or red bronzer can’t do us nothing good so we must be really precise and also very light handed (believe me I have been there and done that ) . The product of choice would be more neutral based ,the more yellow based there better and a light version would be excellent . https://www.narscosmetics.it/it/paradise-found-bronzing-powder/0607845018254.html

As I choose this bright pink neon lipstick for this look I love me a good matchy matchy look so I brought out my pink cold toned blush to really complement the lips and to give the complexion and healthy and dreamy flush of color .https://patrickta.com/products/monochrome-moment-velvet-blush

Since we are keeping this look modern and simple ,the eyes will be as nude as possible but since everything is more matte than usual ,we will give a slightly glossy finish with this cristal finish eyeshadow by Surratt. This is basically the most amazing simple shadow to create a soft thin layer of gloss ,to give your eyelid a glass like look.

Said that ,the crease are free and the brows will do all the talking being bushy and natural as we all like these days .

The all steps will guide us to the piece de resistance which are the most amazing neon fuchsia lips but the stunner lip paint by Fenty beauty.



As I have already said and told a million times I love this formula and I think of you are in the market for a lip stain ,you should definitely check out this product. It is completely Matte with a non drying formula that allows you to wear it all day or all night as we used to do in 2019 ,and feel completely comfortable with it.

I love how we can create such a modern look by strategically decide where to and most important how to place our products. Fucsia and pink are often colors I stay away from since they have always represented to me not interesting colors ,something that would define you as too girly or too frilly . I love how you can embrace the color pink and change its meaning and make it what you want without letting society thoughts of pink defined you and your persona.

Anyway ,this would easily led us to a long long discussion about colors and their natures but for now stay safe and if you would like to read more about the argument I suggest this book.


Let me know what you think and I will see you soon !

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