Hi guys ,how are you doing today ?

I hope you are all doing great and today inspired by one of the most talented artist I have ever seen (link will be down below )I wanted to try and make a black lips look wearable ,because I love it so much indeed .

Black lips can obviously be so intimidating and scaring but I find them ,paired with the right look ,the right eyes and the right base, so chic and cool. First of all black goes with everything so there’s nothing much that can go wrong but jokes apart ,I really think we could all rock them out if we want to.

The first step is to find a good rich and full black lipstick ,paint or pencil. In my case I found the lip stunna lip paint by fenty beauty absolutely perfect : it is rich and full and long-lasting .

With such a strong color on the lips the first step I would achieve is to keep the eyes barely touched , but unlikely the look I created with the fuchsia lips ,we can’t leave them too nude or glossy ,it is important ( as Alexandra does in her video with her extremely talented way )to create a certain structure .

There are two way I think we can embrace : playing with the tones or with the graphic . A black thin graphic liner strategically placed down can help us define and make the overall look more modern .

In a more editorial way we can play in contrast with the coolness of the black and define the crease wit some warmer tones to make it more wearable and less harsh . I think is either way fun so it depends on which look you want to achieve cause there is no rules whatsoever so ,you do you .

The most important thing is just to have particular ingredients that we can trust and we know will work good for us and that we can trust in the final results.

For me a good light and luminous base with a very high intensity luminare on the cheeks and a slightly defined cheekbones is the key in this case (usually I don’t really like to countor )but in this case I like to play with the more”harsh ” aspect of this makeup look .

I particularly love a matte lips with such strong and other colors (mostly because of their practicality ) so I suggest we hump up the glowing factor in the base area . Brows would be ,in my opinion , well defined and bushy to balanced the blackness and harshness of the lips and to create and reestablished symmetry on the overall look .

These of course are all rules that are non existing but I just want to give you my opinion born by watching makeup looks and experts making it work so well ,like Alexandra of course.

Makeup can be such a fun hobby and something we can all use to express ourself ( meanings-less words I know )but still, like fashion and other non important things we still can find a way to let our true self shine trough . Even if we don’t have a huge experience in it or have the most amazing skills with it ,no one said we cannot have fun with it.

Black lips can be so intimidating and emo vibes but we can embrace the change make it our own, so let me know what you think and if you try this look .

Stay safe and I will see you soon !




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