Hi guys, how are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing great and today I want to share with you my monthly favorites ,February edition. The first favorite I guess it should be the fact that we actually enter the second month of the year and I don’t know why but to me it was way too worse than January . I had some serious difficult time to concentrate and follow my work and hobby .

I couldn’t write on the blog and even the little tasks of taking photos or inspiration seemed like the most difficult of the tasks . But at the end what counts is that we still gonna get trough this difficult time by accepting it and not letting it define us and who we are and be capable of .

Little rumble apart the first favorite of the month is a new tv show I start watching called Glow https://www.netflix.com/title/80114988 .

Glow is a tv show about a group of women who starting to wrestling for a tv series and I find it not my favorite series of all time but I really do appreciate the females character who are in there ,how real they are and how funny as a show it is. If you want an easy one about good female friendships and characters I highly recommend it .

The next favorite of the month is a pair of shoes which definitely something strange considering the fact I am not really leaving the house but I recently feel into the trend of sandals and socks . I have seen this trend everywhere on the instagram and although it is something a lots of people will definitely hate ,I don’t know why but I absolutely love it, especially the socks trick . I saw it on Brittney Bathgate https://www.instagram.com/brittanybathgate/ first and then stuttering thinking about it . Its something I really enjoy since it allows to wear sandals in the colder months as well and also ,which is the main focus and the things I love the most ,allows you to play with socks (probably one of my favorite accessory ). The sandals of choose are this one by Zara and I have to say ,I am really enjoying the new in section at the moment ,especially the shoes one.

Zara sandals https://www.zara.com/uk/en/flat-cage-sandals-p13504710.html?v1=79940608&v2=1718947

On the beauty aspect this month I didn’t wear makeup at all basically and I barely even did skincare so this can easily give you a clue of the mess I was but ,something I must say I have really been enjoying using the two times I have used it ,is my new luxury pieces by Hourglass called the Ambient lighting palette. I am not gonna rumble too much about it because I made an ad hoc post about it ,that shows you how I actually enjoy this product.

Hourglass ambient lighting palette https://www.hourglasscosmetics.com/products/ambient-lighting-palette

To keep the serotonin values high and stable as much as possible I forced myself to go out and take long walk ,just to get the 10 000 steps on the track and to keep me company in my long trips I love listening to podcasts, they seriously are my favorite thing. The podcast I always enjoy and I have been enjoying since last year is the so famous this might get weird by Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart,two american comedians and to me it is a light hour of laughs and easy thought ,nothing better than a good laugh can really make your mood better. Also as an Italian girl I really like seeing the American current events and everyday life trough their lenses ,it really sparks my curiosity to see how on the other part of the world they are handling this situation . You can safely say ,we are in this together .

TMGW https://thismightgetweird.libsyn.com

The other podcast I have been loving is the podcast serie about the city of Pompei ,since I honestly didn’t know much about it expect its history and being there a few years ago ,it has been really interesting .If you are into history and you would like to find more about this unique and famous city ,I highly recommend it.

Pompei http://pompeiisites.org/comunicati/pompei-la-citta-viva-episodio-1-il-primo-podcast-dedicato-al-parco-archeologico-di-pompei/

The last favorite of the month is something a little bit different I guess but I wanted to still put it in it because at the end of the day is part of me and I think is something we could all learn more or at least read about in this scenario ,we are all living in . I am finding myself restudying my immunology book from my university time and first of all I don’t know why I’m putting it in here but I really enjoy re read it and study again and refresh my knowledge in such a difficult time where doctors are constantly on tv spilling out theories and their opinions ,and although they are really someone to listen to ,at least having a good and solid base is a good point of start ,in my humble opinion. Is not a light and easy lecture but if we can spread some good knowledge and culture ,I still think is worth it.


I hope you have had a good month and if you like me felt like shit ,we always have tomorrow to start from scratch and work on ourself. Stay safe out there and I will see you soon folks !

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