Blush to me is always a phase in phase out thing ,either I wear it to death or not all . It is more depending on the period and especially how my skin is behaving .

The most amazing thing about blush is that it can completely change the complexion giving it new life.

Blush is something you can use at a high dose and let it do all the work : creating structure or lift up the complexion .

Is also something I love to use as a coord with my eyes and create a very modern ,in my opinion ,look.

Although I have stay away from blush and consider it something so boring and non necessary ,I have changed my mind after a few gems I have found.

The first blush I feel in with was a creamy in stick form gold gem by Fenty Beauty ,an actual dream come true. I used on all of my girlfriends and it looks so good on all of them . It is a summer perfect skin enhancer that works as blush and as highlighter in one . The texture is incredible ,creamy but not too creamy ,looks like silk and performs as a cream with a powder finish without highiliting all the wrinkles and textures .

The second cream is by Nudestix and is a definitely more of a wintery piece . Again ,the creamy base and formula always helps to work better especially if we are aware of textures and wrinkles , and if there is something that Nudestix do right is a creamy base. Their products are basically butter and blend like a dream and what really draw me to this product was the perfect mauve with a more terra-cotta undertone shade ,perfect for the autumn and winter season ,the perfect reddish flush on the cheeks after a walk outside when it’s cold and dark at 5 pm .

The other love of mine is the extreme ,in terms of shade and finish ,adults only by nabla cosmetics which is basically a blush topper as the font one but in an amazing reddish sparkly shade ,sounds so scary and if you go overboard it can be but the right amount and the right look makes it stand out and act wonderfully . It is definitely not an easy to use product or something I would choose in the morning if I have 5 minutes to get ready ,it deserve its own spot and time ,handle with caution .

On a completely different note ,the easiest piece to use and the most used one is my Jouer Adore me blush duo who is basically the dream for a smokey eyes or for a slightly lighter countour look. This is the classic product you dig in your big fluffy brush in the morning when you have five minutes to get ready and even if you apply it in the car in the elevator on the dark of the bathroom light that decided not to work exactly when you are so late ,it will work wonderfully . Can’t recommend this enough.

These for now are the one I love and use the most and I am curious to know which one are your favorites and if have these and you try them .

Stay safe outhetre and I will see you soon folks !

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