Hi guys ! How are you doing today ?

Today I want to share with you a new habit I have been trying out since almost a year. We talk about journaling, the new and most talked about habit (definitely something I improve my skills in since cover started ).

Journaling can be anything you want ,it is something i have learned basically as soon as I started . The best advise I can give you is to make it something yours ,otherwise you will feel it as a forced habit not something you do because you enjoy it.

My experience taught me that if I have to fill every day the “give me three things you are grateful for ” at the ten day I have nothing to write and lead me immediately to stop from journaling ,so make it about you, about what you feel like doing that day :some days I feel like writing what I am grateful for when I feel down and maybe a little depressed or just in a low phase ,some days I feel like I am too much overthinking a situation and all I need to do is to write my thoughts in a stream of consciousness style.

As soon as something starts to feel like a restriction or something I have to do ,the interesting levels drops and I am not committing on doing it anymore and that defines the all point of journaling .

Journaling is about you ,about making you feel lighter after and more clear in your thoughts. So some day I just write things I am grateful for ,some day I write why this particular situation make me feel angry or disappointed and so on.

It is not an easy habit to start so it is one of those things that you just have to do it ,although you feel stupid and strange at the beginning ,by trying and writing you will find your own style and your own way. Sometimes I just write without even think about what I am writing ,not caring about the form , the way ,the meaning ,just letting things go ,just fucking letting thing flow and fly out of my mind.

The first feeling I ever felt when I first started was ,this is making no progress ,nothing work . But it is something you will not see the results in the immediate terms. It is something that takes months and months and the results come in  a subtle way ,like something that starts to grown under skin rather than coming from the outside like a vision.

My advises also are not for everybody cause I don’t even use a nice diary or a nice notebook I just write wherever I find and use the most scrappy old pen to do it but to me it works and the most important thing is that at least I do it ,otherwise if I have to search for my cute notebook ,my cute pen and started to fill in particular lines and excels files ,I know I will not do it.

Everyone has its own way of doing things ,you just have to find yours. Journaling is to me a form of meditation ,maybe an active form of meditation ,it helps to connect your thought together ,link them and throw them out . The act of write and put them out ,physically it’s some sort of metaphor for lifting your head ,your soul and your spirit . Let all the heavy thinking we do on a regular bases go out. That’s the most powerful instrument journaling can give you. You just have to let it do it for you.

But there’s no doubt it is something I encourage everyone to do ,to at least try and re try .

Especially in such an heavy loaded time like this we are leaving in, left some things from our chests is an habit I think we can all appreciate a lot.  It helps to set the base for a dialogue with ourself ,to put the fundaments of this kind of relationship with ourself first and then with others.


Anyway ,let me know how you like to journal and if you do it or if you tried it. I will see you soon folks!

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