Hi guys ,today I want to share with you my favorites app I have ever tried ,so far to edit ,change ,filter my photos and since ei have tried so many and made a lots of mistakes I thought this little blogpost could be potentially helpful if you are in the market for some easy to use photo apps.

Vsco is my favorite app and has been for a very long time. I love the filters and how easy it is to use. I f you love a good old black and white photo ,the b\w filters in the Isco app are one of the best I have ever found. It allows you to storage easily your photos and to try different filters on top of each other to create your own filter and maybe named it. It is a cool community to get inspired by and to get lost into.https://vsco.co

Photo negative is a new one for me since I only recently tried the analog community . I started trying out the film photography and since it is a very expensive hobby this app allows me to traduce a negative film into a positive one after scanned it. It is really an easy to use tool that save you money and also a lots of time.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dk.appdictive.colorNegativeViewer&hl=it&gl=US

Photoshop express is another great by slightly less used by me app . the great feature of it is that it basically gives me the easy access to photoshop without having to go ,get my pc when I am out and about or when I simply want to post a photo immediately . Definitely nit doesn’t have everything photoshop has but it definitely a good and easy alternative .https://www.adobe.com/it/photoshop/online/photo-editing.html

Unfold is definitely much more of a tool for bloggers and instagrammers but basically it is the most easy to use instrument to create beautiful and artist stories. It gives you a blank page and by choosing your favorite kind of patterns ,layers and styles you can easily create a perfect edited IG story. I am still a neophyte with this app but I am working my way trough it and actually blooming its potential.https://unfold.com

Retouch is my latest addition and it super special to me because it helps me create better photos in the most easy way. It basically allows you to take off any kind of unwanted details in your picture. I often take my ootds phots in my small apartment so it often happen to me that I have a plug or a table corner or a cuscin or other bits and bobs in the corners of my photos and this little app helps me get rid of them and allows me to have a beautiful and clean background. Highly recommend it !https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advasoft.touchretouch&hl=it&gl=US

I hope you enjoy this little blogpost and maybe and hopefully find it somewhat helpful cause I know it can be really overwhelming to search trough all of the applications that are out there.

Stay safe and I will see you soon .

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