Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally and today I want to share with you my new and improved version of the everyday base slash complexion.

Obviously nothing huge or major complicated here since I am very much lazy when it comes to makeup but this is something I am really enjoying and I am comfortable with saying that if you are like me you will probably enjoying it too.

The first product is the so famous Weleda skin food, the product that needs no introduction. I think it became a huge success after Katie Jane Hughes started talking about it and for a good reason.

What essentially is is a thick hydrating cream for dry and damaged skin. You only need the smallest amount and what I love the most about it is the skincare effects and benefits it provides, other than the classic glowing skin effects, the jucy glass like luminosity that a good skincare routine provides us.

This product will serve you well as an hybrid between priemer and moisturizering cream, and for a lazy one like me it is all I asked for.

The glowing effect is taken to the level by another amazing gem, the so famous Charlotte tilbury Hollywood flawless filter which I am not gonna talk to much about it because you already know it is one of my all time favorite products. It provides a glowing effect, without emphasizing the texture of the skin, lasts all day and works wonderfully mixed in my foundation or without, creating a thin layer of golden dust on your cheekbones.

The new in of this group beside the Weleda skin food, is my concealer which I am already loving so much. Since I have finished my beloved hello fab bendy avocado concealer and my hourglass one is definitely too dark for my current ghostly skin tone, I bought the acqua luminous by Becca and God, it’s so good.

It’s all I want in a concealer at the moment :ultra light weight, blend abilities to the maximum and such a great combo of good variety of colors and undertones. Absolutely loving it so much.

The fact is that at the age of 30 I now come to the conclusion that my undereye area needs hydration and less coverage. I am much more concerned about the dryness and the possibility of flackiness under there than the needs to cover up everything.

This is obviously something I would have never considered at the age of 20 when my skin was way more elastic and hydrated than now.

The last step I added to my base is a product that is so famous and has been for so many years that is kind of embarrassing for me to be sitting here writing to you about it but here I am, after a decade finally trying it out, the classic hourglass ambient light palette.

There’s a reason if this is such an old but gold classic makeup product that has made a huga impact on the history of makeup. First of all is the hourglass philosophy, concept of clean beauty and design that always and I repeat always fucking blows my mind. There’s such a great attention to the details of the products, to the texture, to the ergonomic aspect of everything they create. The packaging in itself is a work of art but the powders are the most delicate and soft touch of light on the skin, the most precious atmospheric dust that lays on the skin and gives you the perfect combination of soft focused blurry effect and luminosity.

When I first started playing with makeup I would have never considered something like this because to me it was all about the beaming light from a satellite on the Orion galaxy. Now that I am more mature and I am learning how to enjoy the age shown in my skin cells I am embracing this kind of more gentle and delicate products so much and if there is something hourglass do well, is well suited products.

Let me know if you want yo see these products in action and if you like them or if you have tried them before.

Stay safe guys and I’ll see you soon folks!

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