Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today I want to share with you my first favorite of the year!

This month I haven’t been so much into my makeup favorites ,I guess when the holidays come over we all do ? But I have discovered some really good gems in the last weeks ,so here we go.The first favorite of the month has to be my water bottle. I am honestly surprised I haven’t mention it before since I use it every single month even when it’s 40 degree outside. I suffer from pretty bad menstrual cramps every month and I have been taking ibuprofen or similar for years and years ,a little more every year and not to go too much in details ,but nothing really changed until I stated using a water bag on my stomach . I have been buying hot water bag for all of my girlfriend for years now ,because it is just the most effective trick to have immediately pain relieve .I love this so much and as soon as I stated feeling a little indication of the pain that is going to come up ,I immediately warm it up and apply it and the warm helps the muscle cramps and the blood flow in an enormous way. I love it so much.


The first item I want to talk to you about are vinyls ,a new hobby of mine. I received for Christmas a portable vinyl record from my brother and that is the beginning of a new hobby of mine . Vinyls are something so special to collect and to find in old vintage shops. It is one of my favorite gift I have ever received because it can be so fun to find little bits and bobs here and there and starting your own collection.


Dante libera tutti is the second favorite of the month . It is a book I received for Christmas that talks about Dante Alighieri ,in particular it analyze the Divina Commedia the words he uses in it ,the lessical structure and the way he choose and use particular words. It runs from the most important topic ,from love to death to horror and to pain ,in which way he uses particular words and in which way he doesn’t . Dante is such. complex subject to tackle and is definitely not an easy one to dot requires a huge amount of knowledge of his life ,his works ,his mind and his world so to me this a great book to really consider the divina commedia under a new fresh and more useful light ,something we do need sometimes in order to understand such huge and difficult books . Would have loved to read this gem when I was studying it so that I could appreciate every little details but I am glad I read it now.


Enzo Mari is another favorite of the month , and I am so glad I can really take a month to read more ,I think I really needed it. The book in question is a famous book of him called 25 modi di piantare un chiodo, kind of autobiography of him and a letter he wrote to his fans (pass me the term ). To me this book is the way he really show up ,shows himself for what he his ,a great thinker before than anything else. A great designer of course ,but first of all he is a great philosopher and thinker. The way he approaches life ,education ,time ,age ,love and creativity. If you want to know more about this Wonderfull designer ,I highly recommend this book because to me was groundbreaking .https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.domusweb.it/it/recensioni/2011/06/10/enzo-mari-25-modi-per-piantare-un-chiodo.amp.html

Casually scrolling trough Netflix new in section ,saw this new documentary made and directed by Scorsese who basically interview Fran Lebowitz. I am so ashamed of admitting that I didn’t know who she were ,never heard of her , never heard of her name once. I just quickly realized she is one of the most funny person I have ever met since 2 seconds into the docuserie . She is a brilliant writer ,philanthropist and comedian of the early 70s living in New York and it is so funny to watch and to really get to know her better and better ,episode by episode. Scorsese in this case has done nothing huge in terms of structured and directing ,she is definitely the show maker and show stopper of this wonderful project . If you want to see something to make you laugh and left feeling inspiring ,I highly recommend this show. You will immediately fell in love with her .


I guess I really watched a lots of stuff this month ,cause I have another series recommendation. I am talking about San Patrignano , a really in depth and well made documentary about a strange and controversy subject who in the mid 70s create a small village ,a community for heroin addicted who want to rehab . It is one of the best and most well made documentary I have ever watched, because it really helps you immerse in that world ,it really tells you how it was ,what it was like living in those difficult and strange years and it doesn’t affect the view you had on that.


In terms of fashion I have to mention my Zara boots. The chunky boot trend has been around for a while by now and I have resiste the need to get in it but I have to say, I bought this Zara chunky boots in the sale thinking, ok I want to try them since they were like 20 euros. Since I put them on I never looked back and that is something not frequently happen, first of all since we are not going really anywhere and second of all I am such a creature of habit when it comes to shoes, I always wear my Dr martens and that’s it. These are such a comfy and cool and I love the chunky sole style. Highly recommend them if you can find them on the app.


That’s it for now guys and I will see you soon folks! As always feel free to let me know what your favorites has been and stay safe!

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