Hi guys! How are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally considering the trivial time we are all living in and today I want to share with you a couple of ootds, with a twist.

As you probably already know by now, I am a very basic person when it comes to fashion and style palette and structure. I love my classic pieces and I am more and more going away from the trendy pieces. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with it but, sometimes we can still wear our favorites black and neutral but still jazz them up, and the best way to do that is with our best friends :accessories.

Accessories are one of my favorites thing ever, they are our best friends when it comes to styling inspiration. They allow us to create an all new look or to change the vibe of a particular coat, to add a particular silhouette to an otherwise oversized look, to add a particular detail to a bag or to add, as in this case, a pop of color to our neutral based outfits.

My favorites winter accessories are gloves, scarfs hats and obviously bags.

Since hats and scarfs are probably the most easy one and a little bit foregone in my opinion, I want to share with you my love for gloves and share my little orange sunshine.

This pair of gloves are a vintage gem I found on vestiaire and I absolutely love them. I love leather look accessories and these are no exception and the thing that drowned me the most to them was the combination of such a classic piece with such a contemporary and modern touch. The neon lime green yellow add that touch that twist, that pop of color that changes the all outfit. I love wearing them with an all black outfit and really make them a talking topic. I think they really change the vibe and add a sparkle.

The second item I brought to you is a little, sculptured and modern bag with a twist. Color in such a minimalism designed and modern bag is the perfect twist if you want to make it pop and in this case I think the orange touch add so much fun and interest and really makes the structured and lining stand out.

Nontheless acne studio really do how to make their job well done I guess.

In this case I love to play with the warmth of the orange with a more nude palette outfit but also a classic all black ootd really make it works.

I hope you are enjoying this little blogposts and let me know what you think guys and if have tried anything similar.

I hope you are doing great and I will see you soon folks!


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