Hi guys! How are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally.

In my recents looks choices, as I have already told you in a lots of previous blog posts, I have been trying to incorporate more and more vintage or second hand pieces.

First of all for a more eco friendly environment and mindfull choises and second of all for a less trendy driven style and more classic piece focused.

For this look the piece the resistente is this incredibile woolen man blazer by ysl. It has a very classic and oversized fit, a thick wool blend making it perfect as on outwear piece as well.

The stitching and the cut is a witness of an incredible hand made work, something my grandfather would said looking at it “nobody do this kind of thing anymore”

The first of my choices was to style it down, a classic way to wear a very high level and maintain piece by pairing it with a blu jeans.

The more relaxed vibe of the jeans, the trendy boots and the subtle underlying piece makes it stand out more in a very cohesive way.

The second way I choose to style it out is with a classic white crisp shirt with a more modern collar, giving it a more contemporary look, with an edgy twist given by belt.

The belt is subtle but makes the difference in an otherwise way too simple look in my opinion.

The last but not least way I decided to style it up is with more simple and subtle wooly pieces, to enhance the outwear way to wear it, in my opinion.

This dark cherry red works wonderfully with the gray in the wool blend. The gloves tie the look up in a very smooth old fashion style way.

To play with less contrast and colors, I choose this thin woolen turtleneck knit, to pull out the blu in the blend of the Blazer I choose this light grey.

I hope this little blogpost was somewhat helpful or inspiring for you, pieces like this really makes any kind of outfit special and when you find them, keep them close and play with them with more modern and contemporary pieces.

I will see you soon folks!

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