Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I hope you are doing great mentally and emotionally, although I must say since the vaccine day and the Biden day, I feel so much hope and good vibes already for this year, it is incredible. Feeling like good things actually can happen, after so much shit. It is so beautiful to be able to enjoy this moment in time. So cheers to a good start of 2021.

Today, on a completely different note, I want to share with you a couple of my favorites accessories i have been loving wearing recently.

I don’t know about you but I think sometimes accessories, and good ones, are never talked about enough while to me, they really are the aim of the game.

Investing in some good fewer good quality pieces can change an everyday outfit and make you feel like you are wearing everyday something new.

So why not sharing them with you?

First thing first : belt.

Belts to me have always been something I have looking over, never really considered them until I started working on my more tailored approach to fashion and style. Since I have settled in my own comfortable way of dressing, and really embracing the oversized fit, a belt and in particular a manly black leather simple and minimalistic belt has definitely changed the game for me.

The first love of my life was one of my dad’s belt, such an old cliché. But it is honestly the first place to be looking at if you are in the searching for a great simple black belt.

Since I started wearing it so much I decided to invest in a vintage and slightly different style one, so here it comes my Prada joy.

The amount of times I have put this baby on the gram is shamefully painful but that’s goes to prove how much I actually love it.

It has a completely different vibe than the thicker one,although they are both two black leather belt, this is a thin piece of beautifully cut and stitched material that allows you to make a subtle difference in the frame of your outfit. I love it so much and don’t ever underestimate the power of a little touch like this.

Another little vintage touch, is my ysl watch and I don’t know enough about clocks to actually tell you how or why or when or who, so I must be honest I just loved it when I saw it.

I love me a good, again, manly and more male targeted accessory, like a clock or a belt of a shoe. Since I like to add a little bit of texture I choose the classic black leather strap, very thin but not too much. A classic in my humble opinion.

Probably one of my favorite things to do is to play with contrasts, since I am not so much of a fan of colors, I play with textures and styles.

To me there’s nothing more interesting than a well suited and womanly outfit, with a few male touches.

Please, I know these words man or woman in the fashion industry in particular, don’t mean anything and no one need and have to feel like he or she belongs to a particular gender, but for the seek of this little blogpost and to allow me to express my thoughts better and to make you feel better what I feel when I put together these outfits, I need to choose those words, but that doesn’t mean that I feel like an outfit is male or women focused. Or a man should be wearing something targeted for men and so on.

Probably it wouldn’t be necessary to make this clear but I prefer to talk a little bit more and don’t be misunderstood.

Another special item, especially for the season is a good old good quality scarf and this by Max Mara has been by my side for years and it still going strong. I love it because of the integrated hood, which is definitely not something I would particularly wear, but I just love little touches like this in an otherwise normal and unnecessary expensive item.

Don’t need to say how good the material and the quality it is since the brand can’t never really go wrong and the fact that I own it for so many years has really been a big deal.

Last, but definitely not the least are gloves. I love and adore leather gloves and I think they really do make such a great touch of texture and light.

I love my good old black leather one and they really go well with any outfit, but I recently bought a new pair in the vintage market and since I always wear a black coat and the chances of me wearing an all black outfit are really high the further we go into the winter season, I tough about adding little pops of color.


This pair of neon lime green gloves are the perfect choice in my opinion. They are like nothing I own and I have ever seen.

Playing with colors i must admit, can be quite fun too.

But anyway guys, that was it for today and I will see you soon folks!

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