Hi guys ! How are you doing today ? I hope you are all doing well and today I want to share with you my updated version of my nighttime skincare routine. It’s nothing groundbreaking as you can imagine ,but since it is something I am actually enjoying doing so much, and since the year we have been trough that must say something ,I though about telling you guys about it.

Skincare to me is chemistry and science ,I all about the chemicals ingredient and finding the molecules . I believe in science since I have devoted to it most of my studies and to me there’s nothing wrong with that. I feel like I need to do this little disclaimer because I have notice the rise of some sort of movement against everything that is not ” green ” “eco” friendly. I guess the marketing factor of it is to make people feel more connected to something they may fear ,like those big difficult names of some molecules but science and laboratory made ingredients serve us in the best way possible. I Know is not my little rumble over here that will change your mind but I just feel the need to share this with you.

Said that ,recently since I have been not leaving my house whatsoever ,I have been really going in with my retinoids game like I always do when I know I am not gonna see any trace of sun or daylight . Listen ,If I have to stay indoor all year long might as well hump up my skin game and really going in there with my vitamin a . I am totally adjust with my dose and I must recommend you guys going in with one application a week ,if you are new to the all retinols world.

It can be our anti-aging best friend but we must use it in a very moderate and accurate way otherwise we are going to make some serious damage.

My product of choice ,nothing new to see here folks is as always my favorite Sunday Riley product ,after I finished my luna oil ,which is absolutely a must for me and I absolutely love it ,I hump up the game with the high dosed version of it. It’s called a+ and since our skin cells adjust after a while to the dose of retinoids that we use ,a higher percent of the treatment is necessary if you want to maintain the effects and the benefits.


This serum to me has the same application as the oil : after I exfoliate in the evening (with a more easy exfoliating product )I apply it and really massage into my skin . Since this is not an oil based product at least the formula ,I apply a moisturizing cream on top to lock it in and not drying my skin out. ,letting the good stuff we put really do they work.

The luna oil offers ,in my opinion ,a more luxurious experience when we apply it because of the oil texture ,so it really helps your movement and your massages. It is a great product as I have already said and I would absolutely recommend it.

Other than focusing on my retinoids game ,I have also made a big purchase and try out the nuface mini .


It is a microcurrent facial toning device that helps improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Basically it helps toning your facial muscles in a passive and more effective form and I. finding it so fare very pleasant to use ,not sure about the results yet because I am using it for too many days to really say something black or white ,but I am really enjoying the process and the massage feeling . It is something I consider much more of an investment and less of a treatment ,but you need to be consistent and to use everyday to really stimulate effectively your muscles. It’s basically made to improve and lift your muscle tone and lift like you would do going running or in the gym.

The nuface mini is usually my first step after exfoliation and topping that with my retinoids is what I usually do. I love this routine right now because is easy effective and simple, it’s effective as fuck within ten minimum max.

I am always changing it and going with what I feel to do in the moment ,knowing that consistency is always the key to see results in time. Don t get me wrong sometimes I go for weeks without even touching a slice of moisturizer and although I know is not right for me we have to do what we can ,sometimes even just wake up or go for. a walk or showering is my skincare routine and that’s fine. The most important thing is to be gentle with ourselves and wake us up when we need to.

Thank you for taking the time to read as always, I will see you soon folks!

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